Trunk Bay = Bad experience?



I have read many conflicting reviews about Trunk Bay... I have heard it has some of the best snorkelling in the world... then someone posts that it is just horrible and there is no sense going? Which is it... we want to go, but not if it's as bad as some of the reviews make it out to be.

What do you guys think?




Trunk Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches I have seen. The view is just wonderful!! The snorkeling is not the best I've done, but it is pretty good. They have an underwater trail that explains what you are looking at. My husband and I even saw a small Octopus. I think this beach was great and worth seeing. The sand is soft and the swiming is wonderful, so waves or current. I recommend you go!!!


It's a great beach and although it's not the best snorkeling I've ever done, it's no where near the worst, there are lots of places to have a worse snorkeling experience in St. Thomas and the surrounding waters.


My favorite beach. You'll love it. Rated on the Travel Channel as one of the top 10 beaches in the world. I expected more from the snorkeling but it was ok. Just not as many fish as I thought would be there.

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We had a bad experience = CROWDED!!!! If you don't mind the crowds, I'd say it's worth it. BUT...we had a much better time at Sapphire Beach on St. Thomas during another trip. Sapphire's much less crowded, it has plenty of facilities, and a small reef with calm water. We took some bread from the dining room (stuffed in a plastic bag inside my swim trunks), and used that to attract fish...and BOY did they come!!! We saw an eel and a puffer fish...among literally hundreds of other colorful, friendly fish.


I definitely agree with Sapphire Beach...

It was WONDERFUL and mostly because it was not crowded. A great strip of beach, plenty of iguanas, and time away from the crowds.


Why not just go anohter 10 minutes down the road to our favorite, Cinnamon Bay? 1/4 the number of people as Trunk, get facilities, gorgeous beach, no admission charge, very good snorkeling. You won't be sorry! Gene


Crowded vs not crowded, what is the call? We were docked in St. Thomas the last week of May this year and took the ferry to Trunk Bay, It was anything but crowded. The reason it was not; there were only 3 ships docked in St. Thomas this day. During the fall, winter and early spring, there may be as many as 9 ships in St. Thomas on a given day. At such times, everything is going to seem crowded. Since many of the ships begin there repositioning to Europe and, or Alaska during the month of April, and return in mid October, schedule your cruise vacation accordingly to avoid the crowds. We had a wonderful time at Trunk Bay and thought the snorkeling was good to excellent.


We stay at Cinnamon Bay in St. John and it is much better than Trunk Bay. Better snorkeling, facilities, and much less corweded. We also enjoyed Coki Beach in St. Thomas. Really good snorkeling. Instead of bread, before you leave for the cruise, but some small dog kibble in a plastic bag and bring that along. Does not turn to mush and attracts many more fish.


We love Trunk Bay for its beauty... but the snorkeling is just OK (we are spoiled by Maui... so keep that in mind when I say it's "OK"). We do it on our own, rather than a tour, so we go early, and it's not crowded. On our trip in a couple of weeks, we are going first to Trunk Bay (early) and then to Cinnamon. It's very possible to do both if you have a "normal" time in port.

St. John ranks in our top 5 islands for beauty and beaches... I can't imagine not going there whenever we have a chance.



I plan to do the same.... but what is normal time in port. Our ship leaves at 5:30 as far as I know.


Fox, I had exactly the same question re Trunk Bay and posted a question on the Carnival link, asking which are the best beaches on the US Virgin Islands. It seems that Trunk Bay and Megan's Beach take the top spots. Some people say that Coki beach has very run down facilities. When are you going on a cruise? We won't go until 3/20/04, Glory, Eastern Caribbean, and then I guess I'll decide which beach or beaches to visit and how it was. My goal is to see Trunk Bay and Megan's Beach both. Camelia


Been to Megans bay twice and Trunk bay once. Both were fine. I don't think that I would take the extra time and expense to go to Trunk bay again. Next time we will be trying Sapphire Beach.

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As the others have said, Trunk Bay is beautiful, but the snorkeling is just so-so. I asked a friend who lives on St. Thomas about this. He said that we "tourists" have ruined it, but that it is slowly coming back.


Trunk Bay is definitely worth the trip to see. St. John is gorgeous - so unspoiled. I agree about the snorkeling - it's fine, just not superb. I'd still go again if I had a chance.