Trunk Bay snorkel trail



Thinking of going to St. John - Trunk Bay. How far off the beach is the snorkel trail? How deep is the water in that part? Is there a part where you could stand up? Going with a daughter who is not a great swimmer. Will there be a problem with this?


The snorkel trail in Trunk Bay starts about 20 or so yards from the beach. Water is at least 10-15 feet deep on the trail. A nice easy slope into the water from the beach though. It would be best if she wore a flotation vest which probably would be provided if you take a shore excursion. If not taking an excursion you might consider buying a vest before you go. Trunk Bay is a GREAT place to snorkel for first-timers, and for everyone else also. To get beautiful pictures of Trunk Bay go to and type Trunk Bay in the gallery.


They rent all of the equipment at Trunk Bay ( I think it was $5 for everything!) and they have lifeguards on duty that are very helpful. If you are wearing a vest you don't even need to know how to swim - you just float along and kick your feet when you want to move around. Absolutely beautiful - don't miss it. The one advantage to doing it on your own is that you control the amount of time that you get to spend there. We were there before the excursions came in and we were still there when they left!! I hope this helps!!