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Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by TropDaddy, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. TropDaddy

    TropDaddy Guest

    Ken I apologize I would never yell at you especially from the TopLess deck. It is a bad habit I have to leave the caps lock on which means I have been shouting for years LoL. I am heading for the top deck on my next cruise. See you all up there.
  2. Do Costa, Princess and the other Carnival sister companies have topless decks?
  3. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    Fullspeedahead Wrote:
    > Do Costa, Princess and the other Carnival sister
    > companies have topless decks?

    One of those sister companies is Seabourn. Can you imagine Seabourn with a topless deck? :lol

    As to Costa, from what I hear, more than just the top deck is topless, especially when the ship is in Europe.

    So, I believe the answer to your question is, it depends on the line. My guesses would be:

    Costa - yes
    Cunard - no
    HAL - no
    Princesss - no
    Seabourn - no
    Winstar - not sure
  4. No I cannot imagine Cunard or Seabourn with topless decks, but I didn't know for sure. It seems that topless sunbathing is becoming more and more accepted here in the USA. On just about any beach you go, you can find a topless woman. Even many of the hotels in Las Vegas are now allowing topless sunbathing.
    My wife enjoys the topless deck on Carnival for the same reasons that others have mentioned on this board. Concerning the gawkers, they are the ones that look ridiculous. All of them do the exact same thing. They act like they are on a casual stroll from one side to the other. Some might stop and look over the side. It's pretty funny to sit there and watch them. They look more uncomfortable being up there than the topless sunbathers.
  5. We're used to it here in Miami, specially South Beach. It's funny how some people react... my male friends (early twenties) from Chicago came to visit for the first time, I took them to South Beach and forgot to tell them, well they found out soon enough and I tell you they didn't know what to do! they tried so bad to avoid looking in the direction of the topless women that it was obvious!!! it was so funny... Most women come with a male companion, but when I'm alone it does bother me that some people just plainly stare!! and don't tell me that I'm asking for it because you don't want to get me started.
  6. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Hey tropdaddy..

    Not if I don't get up there before you do!! :lol

    Hint.. I"ll be the guy with the dark...very dark shades. :lol
  7. TropDaddy

    TropDaddy Guest

    Ken I'll belooking for you up there then we can both look for Mel and Copper taking all the sun in. Sounds like this deck could be fun if it had a snackbar and a bar HUH !!
  8. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Hmm :grin (rubbing my chin) =rofl
  9. HA! do you guys watch Ultimate Fighting? hope you're a fan... I don't go anywhere without my very own personal body guard
  10. nimbex

    nimbex Guest

    an easy remidy is for any man wishing to visit the topless deck..... he must don a SPEEDO , or just go al naturale. Now THAT would decrease those crazy lurkers "no, no... sorry only speedos or nothing from this point and beyond, sir".

    At times, I've found that deck too freaky for my husband to leave for a brief bathroom moment.

    "yep, that's right, I've been laying here half naked for hours, just hoping you would wait for my husband to leave my side for a moment, so you could hit me with those award winning one liners of yours; with one of your eyes glued to my breasts and the other, fully cross eyed, searching for my husband to reappear."

    not climbing the soap box further,

    ok, I lied... ps, on a topless deck.... there REALLY ARE topless people... carnival has highly paid consultants that have veirfied this, as a fact. REALLY!

    'nough said.
  11. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    an easy remidy is for any man wishing to visit the topless deck..... he must don a SPEEDO , or just go al naturale. Now THAT would decrease those crazy lurkers "no, no... sorry only speedos or nothing from this point and beyond, sir".

    If the women can go topless, why can't the men?
  12. ckirby

    ckirby Guest


    The windstar does not have a topless deck.
  13. andre1967

    andre1967 Guest

    My wife and I were on the Triumph last September and came found that everyone should not tan topless or we just came to the understanding that the topless deck was not for us. But yes the top deck is for tanning topless.
  14. TropDaddy

    TropDaddy Guest

    Ok all you Cruisers why does the Topless Deck stir up so much energy ? I thought everyone was onboard for rest and relaxation. Anyway you look at it we will be looking for the topdeck of our ship,and remember elevators do not go up there. only body guards allowed.
  15. pcakes2

    pcakes2 Guest

    I had to laugh when I saw a couple approaching the funnel deck a couple of weeks ago...the man's tee shirt read...Please have you boobs stop starring at my eyes. We all enjoyed the humor.
  16. Robkabob

    Robkabob Guest

  17. bamboozie_99

    bamboozie_99 Guest

    Well I have been on Carnival Inspiration and Conquest. The Inspiration definately had a topless deck. My dad wanted to caught some activites and views on the camcorder and he discoveries it and you can definately see it on the film. I actually walked up there one night to check it out. There was a sign no cameras or videotapes and No one under 18. You could see some pretty bad sights during the day up there. Men and Women!!.

    The Conquest however, did not have a topless deck that I am aware of.
  18. TropDaddy

    TropDaddy Guest



  19. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    Wooohooooooooooo yall remember I love this topic! lol & coffeecups you i believe were going to buy drinks last year!

    YES there is a tops optional deck. Yes I have sunbathed up there. Yes there are on all Carnival ships "tops optional, no cameras or videos allowed or children under 18".

  20. sdcruzer

    sdcruzer Guest

    On our first Carnival cruise, our tablemates **begged** their wives for days to let them spend some time up on the funnel deck. We passed them on their way to the stairs, their faces lit up with glee in anticipation.

    Five minutes later, they passed us again, this time with more of a dejected look about them.

    They reported that there were only about 15 people up there... two of them women. lol...

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