Tues update: Elliott's chemo has been postponed a couple days



cindy, hope you don't mind me doing this, but posts about Elliott's scheduled chemo for today are scattered all over this forum right now and not easy to follow.

Cindy posted this update on my Knock em dead thread: because his white counts were too low this morning, he is back home again to hopefully improve them and will try again maybe on Thurs. On the good morning thread earlier today I tried to explain why this white count so greatly effects the chemo treatment schedule for every cancer patient.

Cindy, we need to clearly label all future update posts about Elliott's progress so everyone can follow more easily, OK?

More prayers on the way that whatever he receives from the RN will help prepare him to be ready for this important week of chemo.

Hugs, Mariposa


would Nulestra (sp?) work for him? (maybe not because it uses your marrow)

once, early on, they started my chemo too high and the white blood cells got low; and my NP was able to give me a shot to raise them, and the next day they were normal again

Prayers continue for the A family.


I hope Elliott is able to get his counts up so that he can have this next very important round of chemo.