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Tux Rentals onboard..

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by Casnew, Aug 25, 2002.

  1. Casnew

    Casnew Guest

    Hello, does anyone know if the Infinity has Tux rentals for the formal nights..and what they charge for it. Also, is a black suit a suitable ( pardon the pun) subsittute for the formal diner nights.

  2. EMS8

    EMS8 Guest

    Yes the Infinity has tux rentals. You can get information by calling
    1-800-551-5091 or 305-252-8572. I believe they are around $85.00 for the cruise. A dark colored suit works just fine. I have worn a dark colored suit on formal nights on my last 2 Celebrity cruises and felt just fine, considering what I see other men wearing. Usually there are about 40-50 % of the men in tuxes on a formal night. The others are in suits of many colors or other dress. I won't get into the debate about dress on formal nights as this issued has been debated to death! The bottom line, dress nicely and you will look just fine. This is a vacation so just relax and enjoy it. FYI, if you think you may have a future need for a tux or might have the occasion to wear a tux at least once a year, you might consider buying one. I just purchased one at Men's Wearhouse and got a great looking tux for a very reasonable price.
  3. If it's not too much to ask, what do you consider a very reasonable price for a tux? We've never bought one. Also, is it possible to alter a tux? My hubby keeps vowing to take off some weight (someday!).
  4. EMS8

    EMS8 Guest

    I paid $229.00 for mine. In all likelihood you will have to make some alterations to a tux just as you would to a suit off the rack. You can get complete tux packages at
    www.buy4lesstuxedo.com. and other tuxedo web sites. Their tuxedo packages start at only $139.00 but you will need some alterations done when you get it so add some cost to the package for alterations. I have never had a tux and don't particularly like wearing tuxes. However, after buying a tux and having the tux altered to fit properly, I have to say this tux looks and fits as nice as my favorite dress suit. Hope this information helps.
  5. Weezie

    Weezie Guest

    Yes, they do. There is a cruise formal web site where you can rent a tux - around $85. You can get extra tie/cumb., shoes for nominal price. Can't remember the exact name at this time but you could do a search at google.com. Tux will be in your room waiting for you. They supposidly have a tailor on board who can do small alterations and even have a limited number of tuxes you can rent right there - I wouldn't take the chance though. Ordered one for my father-in-law - go to a tux shop first and asked to be measured for an out of town rental. Good luck.
  6. Casnew

    Casnew Guest

    Hey thanks all,

    Just got my travel doc's today ...Woohoo! Pretty cool booklet format.. It had the info about the Tux rentals.

    The website is www.cruiselineformal.com

    Thanks again
  7. Thanks! That helps. I like having a frame of reference. Since we are officially cruise addicts now, it may be worth buying a tux.
  8. Shipstern

    Shipstern Guest

    Calendar Girl

    I finally bought my own tux after a cruise. I had rented one from a local tux place here in CT. When I returned it I asked about the cost to purchase one like I had rented. He sold me that one for $170.00. Plus he took off the cost of my rental fee (60.00) So that brought my final cost to own my own tux to just over 100.00. He also dry cleaned it for me and gave me two shirts. Can't beat that with a stick. I also just wore the Tux to my daughters wedding this past August.

    So if you and your hubby plan on cruising a lot,, IMO it pays to buy your own.
  9. cheric

    cheric Guest

    I just bought my husband a tux and all accessories on e-bay from the tuxxman. It cost less to buy it than it would have to rent it for an eleven night cruise. It arrived in great condition and I was totally satisfied. Just a thought ... he probably has your size too and it's nicer to own your tux instead of renting. you can e-mail him at tuxxman@aol.com and I'll bet he can help you out too.
  10. Thanks Shipstern and cheric!

    I think you've convinced me and given me some places to look for one. I have a formal Christmas party at work every year, plus with our (hopefully) extensive cruising we plan to do, I think it's worth it. Wish me luck shopping this weekend!
  11. EMS8

    EMS8 Guest

    Shipstern, you are apparently quite the negotiator. I want to take island tours with you on this cruise because I'll bet you can get the taxi driver to pay YOU for going with him :)

    What is CH@OS?
  12. Stargazerm31

    Stargazerm31 Guest

    All the lines have tux rentals. I have used them the first couple of cruises, but then bought my own since we were cruising so much.

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