Two Ocean Rairoad Journey in Colon, Panama and Xcaret


Big Mike

Will be on the Summit for 11 days in November. HAve signed up for the Two Ocean Rialway Journey by Dome car. Anyone ever taken this excursion. Was also interested in Xcaret when we get to Cozumel. Any opinions?

Kevin Lanier

I did the Panama railway a year ago. You have to do it. I had visions of the train being a dump. It was as far from that as you could get. The train was an old Amtrak passenger train from the 40’s. It was be reworked and has beautiful wood details and leather seats with tables. Oh did I mention that you could get beer at 8:00am

Have fun. I leaving in a week for Bermuda.


Mike, we were on Summit in March last year and did both trips you mention.

The 2 ocean train trip was wonderful, one of the best excursions we've done.

We loved our day in Xcaret (my 50th birthday), swimming in the underground river. However we had a very rough crossing on the ferry over to the mainland and some people felt seasick on it.

This November we will be on the Horizon from Tampa on a similar itinerary.


The Two Oceans Railroad tour is great: Each refurbished car and on your new modern motor coach will have a very knowledgable English speaking guide. You will learn more than you ever thought possible. The train stops near the Miraflores Locks to which you will be transported by another modern coach. After a complete guided explanation of the lock process, you will have an opportunity to go to a very brief history of the past & future of the Panama Canal. Then it is off to Balboa Yacht Club for a close up view of the Bridge of the America's. Your coach will travel through the towns and areas going to Panama City for yet further stops for photo opportunities. A great way to spend the day. IMHO, the dome car is not at all necessary for the extra money. You will see everything with the wide windows of the regular cars.
Bon Voyage.


OK, this brings up another question. Do you do the two ocean railway tour while the ship is transiting the canal, or is it a round-trip, get back on the ship, then go through the canal ?? I'm sure not going to waste the FV cabin I've got by sitting on a train


I did the tour while cruising on the Legend. Our ship was at port at Colon, Panama. We did not do the canal transit that I have done before on another ship. I suggest that you contact Celebrity, and ask for a copy of the tours to be faxed or emailed to you. This way, you will be able to find out what your ship offers. Our train trip was round trip to Colon. If your ship is transiting the canal, that takes about 6 to 7 hours, so I can't imagine you would be able to have a return train trip.
Bon Voyage


if you go to and then to shore excursions they will list all the excursions. i am going on the zenith, nov. 9th. we are going to colon panama also. i picked out all my tours to take on the net. i am definitely going on the rr trip. its sounds wonderful. i was happy to get some info on this thread from people who have been on it..

Spender Nui

Just off the Summit. Took the Two Ocean Railway Journey by Dome car and enjoyed it a lot. Convenient and comfortable. Also gives you a perspective of the canal that you don't get when transiting. We enjoyed the dome car and sitting up a little higher but I think the regular cars would work as well.