Two Questions



Hey all,

I went on the Zenith to Bermuda with my family when I was a 13 or so. I'm 20 now and I'm thinking of going to the Caribbean next summer with my girlfriend. I just have two quick questions, and you all seem to be very knowledgeble and helpful.

First, does anyone know when Celebrity will release their summer cruise dates (August) for 2004?

Second, I see a lot of people talking about getting good deals from a travel agent named Lori? Does she only service certain parts of the country or is she national? I would like to talk to her about my cruise once itineraries are released. If someone would be kind enough to e-mail me about her, (my email address should be available to see in my profile or what-not), I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.


Skyscraper Tours (Lori) is very good, is national, and is a sponsor of Cruise@ddicts. All you need to do is locate the banner ad on this board and click on it to take you there (right now it is right above on this page...). She will be able to advise you via email or phone. We not only use her as our cruise-only TA, we recommend her to other family and friends. We also had the pleasure of meeting her, Barry, and the kids on a cruise, and they are also great people that are a lot of fun, too!