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Uh, oh...now what do I do?! NCL Sun 11/2

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by MrTractor, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. MrTractor

    MrTractor Guest

    Seems yours truly, MrTractor, needs some help fast for his upcoming cruise.

    I went ahead and upgraded from a balcony cabin to a Penthouse Suite on the
    NCL Sun. We are paying a little more for it, but, if, today, we booked our
    current balcony cabin, it would be about the same price! Cabin, er uh, Suite
    (gotta get used to sayin' that) category AC number 9076. It is a TWO bedroom
    suite. What in the world we are going to do with the other bedroom is beyond
    me. Concierge service and BUTLER service, for crying out loud. Champaign,
    flowers and hor d oeuvres upon arrival. Hor d oeuvres each night at 4 PM (I
    hope they don't wake us from our nap! Oh that's right we'll be in one of two
    separate bedrooms while the butler quietly enters. HA! Unreal). A balcony
    bigger than most of our past cabins. I don't want this to sound like
    bragging, I am just a bit dumbfounded. This will be only the second time we
    have ever had a TUB in our cabin (the only other time was on the old BRB),
    let alone a sitting room, full bath, shower, entertainment center and full
    breakfast menu. Not to mention a view of BOTH sides of the ship and the wake
    trailing off into the moonlight each night.

    Since I'm really not sure I can take full advantage of all this good fortune
    and will know how to act, I wonder if some of the more traveled elite could
    answer a few questions for me:

    As a suite passenger, will I still be able to participate in the Beer
    Chugging, Biggest Belch, Hairy Chest and Belly Flop competitions? I just
    don't know if I could enjoy a cruise without them.

    Do I have to call the butler "Jeeves"?

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do with the extra bedroom? I
    was thinking I could use it for storing my smuggled beer and soda, our
    florescent blue rolling cooler, and the cheap Mexican blankets and tacky
    sombreros purchased in Cozumel. Or as a place to fling any dirty
    undergarments instead of leaving them on the couch like I do at home. (Can't
    wait to hear some of the answers. No, stowaways are not allowed).

    Can I substitute Schlitz or Old Milwaukee for the Bon Voyage Champagne?

    Assuming they have one, exactly what is a bidet used for?

    While eating the meal prepared for you in your suite, is it still important
    to chose the correct knife to eat your peas with?

    Is hog calling or yodeling off the rear balcony of a ship considered
    inappropriate behavior for passengers in suites.

    Is there something I'm missing here? Does anybody know if devil worshipers
    have booked the rest of the ship for their annual getaway cruise?

    Seriously, if there anything you all can tell me to help me get the most out
    of a "Suite" experience, it would be greatly appreciated. I am pretty
    certain its the last chance I'll have to be in a suite. It's our 21st
    anniversary and we decided to splurge. After this, it will be back to the
    $499 specials for inside cabins! A simple country boy can get pretty
    discombobulated when it comes to vacationing in fancy surroundings. Please
    accept my thanks in advance for your kind and neighborly assistance.

    Locust Grove, VA
  2. M Burton

    M Burton Guest

    you store all your junk in the extra bedroom so the rest of the suite will look archtectural digest picture perfect!!!!

    You must read an Emily Post book on etiquette so that you can set an example for the folks staying in steerage. you will have created a monster by staying in a suite and you wil never go back to an inside cabin, trust me, I did the same thing and once you take the boy off of the farm there is no going back!!!

    Tip the staff well, learn their names and they will treat you like the king you deserve to be!!!! I brought small gifts from My home town (Detroit) for the two butlers the conceriege and the room steward and they went out of their way to help us

  3. RGod

    RGod Guest

    You are a funny guy, i wish i was going on the cruise with you!!!! My wife and i will be sailing on the Sun in December for X-Mas. Unfortunatly we will be dwelling in the Ghetto of an inside cabin! Please report back to the rest of us about your trip.

  4. MrTractor

    MrTractor Guest

    You'll hear all about it!

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