Unlimited soda cards on Century?



I drink a ton of soda a day. Does anyone know if you can buy an unlimited soft drink card on Celebrity's Century? I have seen reviews that mention children being able to buy this card, but couldn't figure out if adults were able to. Thanks for any help you can give me. My husband and I leave on the Century on 10/19!


Yes--you can buy a soda card on the Century for $4.50 per day plus 15% gratuity. It must be bought for the entire cruise---so if you start on your first day (Saturday) then it
must be purchased for everyday after that BUT you can wait and buy on Sunday, Monday etc. but you would still have to buy for the remaining days left on the cruise.
The card can be used on -soda glass--only ---NO Cans! Can't be used for room service soda but was used in the dining room, most bars, at the pool and shows.
My Husband is a Sodaholic so it really cut down on our soda expenses!

Have FUN on the Century---we sailed on 9/28/02----lots to do, see and EAT!!!!!!!