Update on 2Tall



He has the doctors totally stumped. Hematologists, Radioligists, Internists, Pulmonolgists all are stumped as to why he continues to build clots when his blood is anti-coagulated. What really concerns them is that his number measuring his coumadin shot from 3.0 which is the optimum number for being anti-coagulated, to 13 in a matter of hours. And they told me today that it is not the heparin that did it. Now there are a couple of things they are looking at which are not good reasons. And I can't even say what they are because the testing won't be complete until tomorrow.

But he has thrown a blood clot in a duct between the stomach and the liver which is now lodged in the liver. I personally spoke to the doctor and feel this man is doing all he can to figure this out calling the best of the best because this is not generally an area where you get clots. They may have to give him a drug to get rid of it, he isn't sure yet. Today only blood work will be done, tomorrow another dye scan of his stomach, liver, bladder, kidney and pancreas.

Mike is scared of course. He called this morning told me he was confused about what was going on, he is somewhat sedated, and he asked me to get there to talk to the doctors. He has signed over a Power of Attorney to me to stop the insanity of last night. And now we wait.

He is pretty stable right now, they have removed him from his heart drugs, giving him his asprin and plavix only. His clotting factor is where they want it and he is coughing and trying to rid those lungs of the clots. I pray after tomorrow we will have more answers.

With regard to the right heart failure the doctor is not overly anxious. This is a different doctor than last night, that I met with today. He told me that he believed a clot went through that artery and yes it is open wider than it should be, but we can deal with meds later on that if it doesn't resolve. He also said the kidney function is high, but again with the metobolic issues, the dyes, everything let's not panic on that yet.

The most important thing for them to try to figure out as a team is why he is clotting when he shouldn't be.

I am exhausted the visiting hours are limited and I'm going to try to get a nap and get back there in a few hours. Keep those prayers coming the man is pretty sick right now and could use all the intervention he can get. Hugs..and Thanks.


( ( ( (Judy) ) ) ) Big hugs to you and lots of prayers and best wishes for Mike. I can only imagine the stress you are both going through. Hope all is made clear to the Drs soon!


It sounds rough. But at least they are trying to find out what all is going on. Get some rest before you head back. You won't be any help to him if you get sick too.

Sending you lots of hugs. And my shoulder and a box of kleenex to cry on!



Judy you both are on my mind and in my prayers I am checking back on his progreess each time I get out of my chair Prayers and hugs for yu both.


Prayers continue that the doctors will find answers to all the puzzles of Mike's medical condition.

God bless Mike and you. Hoping for good news.


Oh Judy, please take care of yourself too..... I'm glad you have the Power of Attorney, so important and you wouldn't want some 'rule enforcer' to keep you from him at a more critical time! How's your employer handling all of this? They must be very kind to you during this time, I'm not so sure I can say that about my employer.

Get some sleep, have some soup, bring Mike something to read and give him plenty of hugs from all of us!



(((((Judy & 2Tall))))) (((((Judy & 2Tall))))) (((((Judy & 2Tall))))) (((((Judy & 2Tall)))))


I was going to suggest Power of Attorney, glad you did it. Hopefully that will help you bypass that "family only" rules hospitals have. Prayers continue that they discover what the heck is going on and that Mike recovers quickly without any more incidents.


Judy, like the others, I am so glad that you now have power of attorney. Good thoughts are still coming your way........just have faith that Mike is going to make it through this very unusual event. Hugs........and take care of yourself as much as you can.


So glad you now have that power of attorney & I know you may not want to think about it but does he have a living will? As for having the drs stumped, I know oh so well how difficult it is to have the symptoms, lots of questions & no real answers. Wishing the best to both of you.


Thanks everyone. I just returned from the hospital. There is no change on Mike. They will be doing some scans in the morning. Right now, they are trying to eliminate some things, and then take it from there. He is off of the coumadin because they don't know why he metabolized it the way he did. So for now he is on heparin. We hope tomorrow we have more answers.

Thanks to everyone. Mike is trying to be strong for me but I'm sticking by his side as much as possible, because he has been so ill he is emotional.

I will update as I am able. Pray tomorrow the scans find nothing....


I'm so glad you have the POA now to cut thru the madness. I know they have those laws for a reason but sometimes they don't use much common sense. Hopefully they will figure out what is going on very soon and get him on the road to well.

H2O babe

Prayers continue for Mike and for you and also for doctors with wisdom beyond their years. Hopefully, Mike's medical mystery will have a solution and he can be on his way to a recovery.



Thank's for taking the time to update us. I wish there was something I could do to help you.
Prayer's continue for you & Mike as I wait to hear some good news.