Update on Captain's Club card



Today in my email was a reply to the email I sent to the CC site. They gave me both my number and my husband's. They told me the cards would be sent to me but we really didn't need them once they are recorded on the TA's reservatin form.

I immediately called my TA and all is now in order. If the cards take long at getting here so be it. I now have the numbers in a safe place.

Thank you so much for all who gave such great advice. Next time I will call only because it would have been quicker but at least they did answer my email within 5 days! That is very reassuring to know they read the emails and try to solve any problems.



Yes, email response is pretty good. At least you now have a name of someone at the CC. I also appreciate you sharing your response regarding your Cards. I had to get them to update my status. They were missing my very 1st. cruise when we paid the fee to join even after I had completed the survey more than a year ago. I had new cards but they were the incorrect level. I figured they had missed my most recent cruise, but no it was the oldest.
Thanks again and Bon Voyage