Update on dad


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Hi guys, thought I would let you know my dad past away this morning. He said, when he was in the hospital, he didn't want any more treatments for the blood disease that he had, he wanted to come home, to be content, so he's been at home the last six weeks, and this morning, he went home.


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Prayers remain with you and your family during this difficult time. Loss is always so hard, even when it's expected and accepted. Sounds as though your father's final days were fairly peaceful, and that's always a blessing.


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I am sorry to hear about your Dad. I admire him for doing it his way. In the long run, I am sure that he and all of your family had more QUALITY time. That is MY plan if/when I am in the same position. I am sure you have some terrific memories. Bless all of you.


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I express my deepest sympathy in your loss.

I must say though, after reading your posts about your father i admire his spirit. For someone to come to terms with their inevitable end and have the fortitude to choose to meet their end on their own terms is uplifting. I would like to think that as my time draws near i will have the same dignity and fortitude to cross over into that abyss of unknown in the manner your father had chosen. Your father probably would have been someone i would have endeared as a friend had i known him... I am certain he will be greatly missed.


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Deepest sympathy to you and your family. I agree with above posters. May he rest in peace and may you find strength from your memories.


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Virginia - my heartfelt condolences to you and your family. Be comforted knowing that he passed away at home as he wished. Your Dad is at peace now.


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Virginia, I'm so sorry for your loss. I only wish we had been able to have my dad at home as he wanted to be, but it wasn't possible, so I'm pleased you were able to do this for yours. Losing a parent is difficult, even when we're expecting it.


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I am so sorry to read this. But I know that you all must rejoice that he was home with loved ones when he passed. What a brave man, to go the way he wanted to. Prayers you find peace in your memories.


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So sorry for your loss.Parayers are on the way from Mn. for you & your family.
Like others have said he did in his way at home.