Update on Daddy



Well it has been a battle with the grumpy old man but at least at this point his pnoumonia is almost gone. His antibiotic treatment has eneded at least for now and it is watch and wait to ensure it doesn't rear it's ugly head again.

As I stated before the thrush in Daddy's mouth which came from the antibiotic used to treat the bladder infection caused thrush. There is only one way to rid that and it is with an ucky tasting rinse. Daddy is refusing to use it at times and we have to really get after him. We need his mouth to clear up now that he is beginning to bounce back from the pnoumonia so that we can get him eating again. Right now the saving grace was the feeding tube we requested. You know it drives me crazy that the hospital and doctors didn't suggest this after 3 weeks of no nutrition. We had to demand it! I swear they figure he is 80 just let him go. He is having some issues with digesting this thick stuff they are feeding him through the G tube so they will try another type of food tomorrow.

Daddy can only hear out of one ear and not well and has had some fainting spells. Well did anyone look into his ears? NO not until I suggested that his dizzy spells might be an inner ear problem, this after two cat scans failed to find anything. Yup blocked ears so now we deal with that.

The cath will be examined next week by a urologist to determine if they can scope to reopen the blockage. If we could get that cath removed so that Dad has more mobility his chances of moving again are much better.

The mouth sores are just awful (thrush) from all of the antibiotics. We need to get that resolved and then he can begin eating foods. Without all of these tubes Dad stands a chance at being more mobile with a walker etc.

He still has a long way to go and I spend hours on the phone with doctors and my brother and sister trying to get things in place for rehab and insurance issues etc. But at least he is not in the grave condition he was a week ago Monday when we rushed him back to the hospital.

He must be doing some fighting. Tonight I called while my sister was there visiting. She yelled Daddy this is Judy she said she misses you and she loves you. When is she coming back he asked? She just left Paula said. Yup but she said she would be back at the end of the week he insisted. I did tell him I'd be back in a couple of weeks. He is rushing things a bit.

Daddy's body has been through some really tough battles. I hope he can recover enough to go home with some help. We shall see.

I'm sick as a dog. My cold is worse than when I left for Boston. Now I also have a stomach bug but have been trying to unbury my desk and the mess everyone made with me not there to crack the whip and review things before they went too far. I've been in bed by 6 each night. I'll feel better when I am not so stressed out over Daddy.

Thanks for all of your well wishes. I really appreciate all of the support it has been really scary. Tomorrow I need a primer on Medicare and all of the different sections. Daddy's daughter did not sign him up for Medicare B , since open enrollment should be soon so I have to get a handle on that. Whatever it takes we will get it done! I'll place some calls after doing some reading tomorrow.


Thanks for giving us an update on your Dad. Now start looking after yourself! Cause without you leading, where would your Dad be? Good luck with his care.



Judy, you can't take care of him until you take care of YOU! You must be a really tough cookie to still be upright and moving instead of crashed and in bed. Our prayers are still headed your way.


OMgosh, prayers still coming your way, and your dad's. You both have been through so much. Thank you for the update.


Thanks for the update. Prayers continue for both of you. NOW.... rest, soup, vitamins, rest, soup, vitamins, you get the picture....


Oh Judy I don't know how you do it.
Thanks for the update & please take care of yourself.
Prayer's continue from MN.


Judy hang in there and know you have support from all here. Your Dad is so luck to have you in his corner.


Well Judy...you have been down quite the bumpy road! Do follow the advice thatJacquie gave you and take some time to take care of you~~if you are not strong and healthy you really are no use to anyone else and clearly "anyone else" needs all the help they can get!....also, I did get your note via PM but by the time I read it you were already on your way...lifted upward and onward helped by my prayers I hope!

I'm glad to read that your Dad is beginning to mend and I pray that he continues to move forward. Bless you for pushing those people who needed to be pushed. You done good girl!!!


S&M in Pgh

Hang in there BJ, we missed you and were quite concerned. BTW - why didn't the treat the thrush w/Diflucan? It's a one does that is used to treat yeast infections.

H2O babe

Again, I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a better day for you than today and the day before were! Hugs and warm wishes coming you way.


The Cruiser

I echo on Jacquie and Popcorn request on taking care of yourself BostonJ. Prayers are still on the way for your dad.