update on DH's MRIs


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Got some news that even shocked all of the drs in Iowa City. Last Nov 3, the MRI at home showed something growing in the bone marrow of the spine at T-11 that was suspicious for cancer. Additional scans done in Iowa City in late Dec & again in late Jan showed this slowly spreading up the thoracic spine. By mid Mar the Pet Scan showed it spreading down the lumbar spine to L 1,2,3, & 4. The open biopsy in late Mar came back "non-diagnostic"; can't say it is cancer & can't say it isn't. The 2 MRIs just completed show that whatever it is in the bone marrow it is significantly reduced! There does remain 1 area of concern at
L 4 which will be scanned again in about 3 mo. Nobody can figure it out but dr says 1 thing is certain & that it is not cancer of ANY kind because cancer does not go away without treatment. Radiology, orthopedics, & the oncology center have never seen anything like it & simply put she said, we have no explanation. All of this bone marrow stuff is completely separate from the extreme deterioration of the discs, bone, etc in the lumbar area that is causing all of his pain & mobility issues. There is no surgery to fix it; at this time it is a matter of trying to manage the pain with physical therapy & pain meds.

The major problem we are facing at this time is the Crohn's which has been acting up. Gastro dr told us he needs the Remicade but the cancer is a problem. The internist says if next wk's colonoscopy shows the Crohn's activity approaching where it was 2 yrs ago he may have to take a chance by going back on the Remicade as he was going into organ failure last time. The lymphoma dr says if he goes back on Remicade it is almost certain the lymphoma will return & says absolutely do not do it. I then asked her what do we do if we get to the point where we are looking at possible organ failure again. She said, well it isn't going to do much good to avoid cancer if the Crohn's is going to kill you. First we have to see how bad it is next wk & then lymphoma dr said she would consult with gastro dr to try to figure out how best to get the Crohn's under control without opening the door for cancer.


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Some good news and some bad! You are certainly between a rock and a hard place!! I sure wish you both lots of luck. My step-sons Chron's has been acting up again despite his meds but dd's is more controlled since she found a dr. who is treating her instead of operating. Thanks for keeping us informed and good luck.



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Glad to hear that the MRIs are looking better and I'll keep praying that the Crohn's issue is more positive. Hang in there!


Kathy thaks for report just continually sending out good wishes for his health to stablize and start to get better. Hang in there


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Well dagnabbit . . . .glad to hear some positive news about the MRIs, now lets get that Chron's disease under control without further issues . . . . Prayers and good thoughts still winging their way to you.


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Good grief, Kathy, I would go nuts with all the issues you folks have! Surely they can come up with a compromise that will help. I love good news, and I'm absolutely thrilled about the MRI getting better. Sometimes I wonder if the difference may be having the MRIs or CT scans done on different scanners, but my poor brain tends to question everything medical. No matter how hard we try, it's impossible to get all three of our identical cell counters to read exactly the same, so we do enough studies to prove that the difference in results is neither clinically not statistically significant. I can imagine how difficult it would be to try to get scanners in different places to give the same report. Please keep us posted on the Crohn's issue.


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Wow! All I can say is it is great news about the MRI's, bad news about the Crohn's. Hopefully the Crohn's can be treated without the Remicade, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

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When I read the title of this thread I was expecting all good news. But atlas it was only for the MRI's.

Praying that the doctor's will come up with a solution for the Chron's.


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I continue to keep you and Mike in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that they can do something about the Chrons, w/o putting him on the bad meds. Fingers crossed!


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Kathy - Thank god for good news on the MRI. Those gastrointestinal disorders like Crohn's are complete hell to live with - I am hoping they can find something to help without exacerbating the lymphoma.

{{Hugs}} and I am here if you need to vent to someone who deals with b.s. medical stuff all the time....


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Kathy - it's good to hear the positive news about the spine. I will continue to keep you both and your families in my thoughts and prayers as the medical teams work together to help give your hubby the best chance possible.

Hugs to you,


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Oh my gosh - you would sure think modern tech could figure this out. Glad to hear the good news and hope those drs. get together and get the rest figured out.


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Kathy - unfortunately, it seems you and Mike are in a perpetual Catch 22 situation. Promising news on the one hand, and then the other shoe drops.

You continue in my prayers.

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Being a veteran of many MRI's, I have to say that is good news, strange, but good.

Having a congenital back issue at L4 L5 myself, I know a bit about what he is going through. I pretty much gave up on pain meds, since the pain was tolerable with daily stretching and exercise and since the meds were making my liver do odd things. When I go to the Spina Bifida clinic and see kids, much younger than myself, in much worse shape I always remind myself that it could be worse and I could be in a wheelchair (or worse). Its hard, but he needs to keep a positive attitude (something I admit I don't have EVERY day) and to work hard to stop the progress where it is at.

Just glad to hear it is not cancer.