Update on Guinness


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Sorry I haven't posted lately I flew home to the UK on the 26th to visit family and friends and returned last weekend, only to wake up with a sinus and chest infection and have been sick all week :thumbdown: Although I am happy to say it 'hit' me after my holidays at least!
Guinness is doing really well after his knee surgery. The cold weather we have had has affected him slightly but nothing drastic. He is still penned in an area of the living room and on a leash for walking which is a good thing because otherwise he would be running around after the squirrels like his usual mad self! :smile:
Morris the oldest dog is still confused at times but aren't we all? :biggrin:
The cold weather has also been causing his hips and back some problems but other than that he is fine, the medications help.
Lizzie the beagle/spaniel mix is her usual ' I rule the house' self ............... Booboo Baggins the cat disagrees of course as HE is the ruler of this household.:cool: