Update on hubby


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I posted this on my original thread below but figured it may get 'lost' so I am posting again. :biggrin:
Hubby had his surgery yesterday afternoon, it took over an hour and apparently it was a good teaching experience for everyone present.
Phil said the surgeon had them all come and look at the block of a BLACK cataract he had removed.
He couldn't suture his pupil 'together' and he didn't want to mess up the already complicated surgery. He will take another look at it after it all has settle down in a weeks time.
We went back this morning for a follow up and all is well, he goes back next week.
Yesterday when we got home which was 2 hours after surgery he could already see me with his 'bad' eye.
He could also see the kitchen cabinets at a 45 degree angle !:biggrin:
He could see the colours on the TV.
Today he saw the big E at the doctors office when they tested his eye, he could see the next size E slightly but couldn't make it out.
Before surgery he couldn't see ANYTHING!
Now how amazing is that!!!:sunny:
He is of course doing the usual eye drops routine as well as some extra care because he is special :biggrin:

Lizzie is doing ok and there doesn't seem any change in her well being at present so I am also very happy about that.
To add to all this Phil bought me some new earrings for HIS special day :whistle:

Thanks again to everyone for your good wishes. :thankyou: __________________


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I don't know how I missed this...

Great news about Phil's surgery. May his recovery be uneventful.

Prayers continue for Lizzie (with tail wags from Pucci).


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I am so happy that the surgery went well and he is already being able to see. I hope he will continue to recover with even more sight regained. Thanks for the update.