Update on my brother, 13th June

Jill B

The roaming Aussie
We got back to Adelaide yesterday and went straight to the hospital. Duncan is in good spirits despite still not knowing what exactly the thing is in his brain. The body scan didn't show anything sinister.
He had surgery on Wednesday; they drilled a hole in his head and took some samples to be tested; results should be in next week.
If it is a tumour with a long un-pronouncable name he is in deep trouble; he will die. If it is a Lymphoma he can be helped.
His fiance is holding up well, and we are all praying it's a Lymphoma.

I will let you all know when the test results come back. Thanks for all your prayers.


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Jill - thank you for the update. I pray that whatever "it" is will turn out to be non-malignant and far less severe than originally thought.

Please do keep us informed as more test results come in.

{{{HUGS}}} and prayers, dear Friend.

Mary Ann


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Jill, I am hoping it is the lesser of the two or something else that is curable. Will keep you all in my thoughts.


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Thank you for the update, Jill. Your brother has been in my prayers, and remains so. Hugs to all of you during this waiting period.


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Jill...Thanks for taking the time to update us! I am glad you are back in Adelaide and able to be with your brother. I'm sure that waiting to get back seemed an eternity....and now the eternity is the wait to find out the results of the biopsies. I am praying for the best outcome for Duncan. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Many hugs from this Canuck!!


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In our hopes and prayers. Good that you made it back to be with him. I know it means a lot to him ...

Jill B

The roaming Aussie
Dear friends, thank you for all your good thoughts and prayers.

We visited Duncan again today, and he was philosophical, and joking, and serious at times. He has a wonderful fiance, Lyn, who is spending every spare minute by his side. We are camped in their driveway, and Lyn is very happy for our company and support when she is not at the hospital.

I will certainly update when the test results are in. Maybe, with all the good thoughts coming in, the round "thing" in his brain will just shrivel away. One can hope.
I should get a copy of the brain scan, as it is a very obvious foreign shape in there.

Krazy Kruizers

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Thank you for the update on your brother, Duncan.

Prayers continue that all will be well and the results will come back with the lesser dianogsis.


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Jill, thanks for the update, I'am glad you are back home safe & sound & are able to be with your brother.
Prayers & well wishes are on the way for your brother & also you.


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Jill, I've been wondering how your brother is doing. Thanks for posting this. Prayers continue that this is the lesser of the two, and that he recovers uneventfully. He is blessed to have a wonderful partner by his side, and a sister like you.


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Waiting for results of biopsies is the absolute worst. Here's hoping that whatever "it" is, it will be the least serious of all the possibilities.