Update on my brother, 16th June

Jill B

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I am so sad to be posting this. Duncan's tumour is the one with the long un-pronouncable name, and is aggressive. The doctor broke the news to us yesterday afternoon, and we are all devastated. Duncan wanted us there; his DD, fiance Lyn, Mum, Rick and me. It could be weeks, months, a year............ they are now working on a treatment schedule to give him more time.
I tried speaking to my DD on the phone and I just couldn't talk.

Thank you friends for all your thoughts and prayers. I don't know what else to say, I am numb.


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OMG Jill. How horrible! For him and all of you. Our hearts go out to you in this terrible time. Although there is little we can do, especially from so far away, please know that we all are praying that he will find both spiritual and physical relief in the days to come. You have our e-mails. Please don't hesitate to PM, or write in private if you wish. The Duck Crew and the C@s will provide whatever comfort and support we can.

All our love and may God Bless ...

Krazy Kruizers

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So sorry to hear this.

I just cried when I read this. Had really hoped the best for you all.

Prayers for all of you to get through this trying time.


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Big hugs for you (((((Jill)))))

This is so heartbreaking....

Calgon said it so well, and please know that I will keep your dear brother and you, and all of your family in my prayers...



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Jill I'm so sorry. Having lost my brother a few years ago I can imagine what you are going through. Remember we are all here for whatever support we can give you.

Many hugs and prayers are on the way.



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Jill - I got goosebumps reading your news. I am so sorry for your brother to have to go through this. We are all here for you, and we send all of our Love your way. May his journey be peaceful, and filled with love, with his family and friends around him. (((HUGS)))

Donna - dsw

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Jill - so sorry to hear this - we just went through this with Jim's friend Tim- - I hope you all find the comfort and strength you need to get through this! May thoughts and prayers are with you all!


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Dear Jill - I am devastated to read this. Please know that Duncan, and all of you, are in my prayers. Perhaps a miracle...? One never knows.

God bless.


Mary Ann


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I was deeply saddened to read the news of your brother. I will pray for your brother, you, and your family and hope that God will give you all the strength to get through all of this........and sometimes God does grant miracles.


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Jill. we were really hoping, as you were, for better news. I was so very sorry to read your message, but please know that all the prayers will continue from here for your entire family and his loved ones.


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Oh dear . . . .not what we were hoping and praying for. Our hearts go out to you and your family in their time of need. . . . (((((JillB))))))


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Jill I am so very sorry to hear this news. :(
Just know that we are all thinking about you and your family at this time, lots of hugs to you all.


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Jill...my heart breaks hearing this dreadful news...for Duncan, for his partner and for his family. With no words of my own to be able to help you through this dark journey I send you this blessing that I read sometime ago. I offer it with tears and hugs!

Comforting Blessing

May you see the light in the darkness during these challenging times. May you feel the loving presence of those who hold you in their thoughts & prayers.
May your spirit find what it needs to sustain you on this journey.
May you discover your inner strength & face all difficulties with dignity & grace.
May you be filled with comfort, love, strength, grace & a lasting sense of peace.


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I am so sorry to heat this news. You mentioned he may have wks, months, or a yr & it brings to mind a commercial that used to run here about a Cancer Center. A lady gets a terminal cancer diagnosis from her dr who says she has 6 mo to live. She then goes to this Cancer Center & after being examined by a dr there he said to the lady, "I've checked you from head to toe & nowhere do I see an expiration date stamped on your body." So with treatment there is always hope. Please hang on to that hope. Although there may not be a cure, with treatment he may just surprise everybody around him. My heart goes out to you & your family as I know how difficult it is to watch a loved one be so sick.


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Jill, I am very sorry to hear this news, and please be assured of my continued prayers. Some of the new treatment options are encouraging -- in fact, one of our friends was part of such a study a few years ago. I will also PM you a link to an organization that can give all of you a lot of support, when you are ready to take a look. Hugs to all of you.