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Jill B

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As most of you know, my youngest brother Duncan was diagnosed last June with an aggressive inoperable brain tumour. He had radiation and chemo, another scan showed 3 tumours had joined to form one large tumour, so chemo was doubled, then tripled. About a month ago he decided no more chemo as it was making him too sick. His latest scan 2 weeks ago showed 3 more tumours; the doctors said nothing more can be done except keep him comfortable, he has just weeks left. He can't stand up anymore, has trouble swallowing, sleeps a lot, vision and hand to eye coordination are affected, plus more. It is so sad.
He did make his 3 goals though; his DD's birthday last October, his DW's birthday at Christmas, and his DD's wedding last month.


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Jill, It makes me very sad to read this...for you and for all the family. My prayer is that Duncan will remain comfortable for the time he has left and that you and the family will take comfort from the life, love and laughter that you have shared with him. Remember it is okay to be angry and sad and it's okay to laugh too! Hugs to you from me!


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Jill, so sorry to hear this. So very unfortunate. No ... not "unfortunate" ... This SUCKS! Not fair! :doubledown:

Am very happy to hear that he made it to DW's birthday, and DD' wedding and birthday. Know that meant a lot to everyone. Hope his remaining time is comfortable. God bless him and the entire family ...


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Jill, I am so sorry for your brother and your family. This will be a difficult time but sending prayers your way to help you find comfort during this time.


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Jill, I am so sorry to read this and so sorry you are having to go thru this. It sounds like your brother has a loving family, one that has kept him going. I pray that you and your family find the strength to get thru the difficult times ahead and I pray your brother is pain free and at peace.


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Dear Jill,

I am absolutely heartbroken to read this. May God keep Duncan comfortable in the time he has left.

My prayers are with all the family.

Mary Ann


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Jill, I am so very sad to read this. Prayers that your family finds the strength it will need as you all see your brother on his journey,


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Jill, I too am so sad to read this. At least he held on for the "three goals." My thoughts go out to him and your entire family.



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Oh Jill I'am so sorry. I hope your brother is comfortable & at peace. Will keep you & your family in my prayers.


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I am so sorry that your family is so affected by this horrible disease. May he spend his last days in comfort with his family holding his hands.


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Jill - so sorry to hear this - may you all find the peace and comfort you need at this time. This is not easy for anyone! Will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers!


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Jill, as the others have said, I am so sorry that your Brother is nearing the end of his journey here. How great it is that he achieved his goals. I'm sure his daughter is most thankful for the memories of having him with her on her special day. May the rest of his journey be peaceful and may you and your family find solace in the days ahead.


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Oh Coz, I'm so sorry to read this. Please know that Duncan, you, Mum and the rest of the the Family are in our prayers.