Update on my dad


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Hi guys, my dad whose 90, is in the hospital. Last Tuesday he went in with a 103 temp, has numonia, has mylo displasic syndrome, which means a blood diesease, had to have a blood transfusion. His dr has said, if you continue the treatments, like procrit shots and blood transfusions, will you leave one or two more yrs, if you stop, you will live 2 or 3 months, and you will get weaker as time goes by. My dad says, he's tired and he wants to go home, so he will be discharged sometime soon. My sister has said, dad has two homes he wants to go to, his home and heaven. Hospic is being called in. Please pray for us guys.



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{{{hugs}}} Virginia. This has to be a very difficult time for all. Please know that your Dad - and all the family - are in my prayers. May he be comfortable in the time left.

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Prayers are on the way, Virginia. I know it's hard on you and your family, because we never want to lose them, but we can certainly understand why they feel the way they do. Myelodysplastic Syndrome is really difficult for someone your dad's age, because of the necessity for frequent transfusions. Please let him know we're thinking about him.

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Sorry to hear this.

Prayers for your family and you to get through this difficult time.

At least at 90 he has seen a lot and still knows what he wants to do at this time.


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Virginia, I just saw this. I hope you dad is comfortable, and is peaceful with the decision he made. Prayers to you and your family.