Update on my dad


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Hi guys, my dad has been home from the hospital for two weeks and is on hospice, he's bedridden, sleeps alot but he's still hanging around, visitors coming by often, he's resting and he's ready to go, he's not afraid to die. My nephew is flying in tonight. One neice is here and helping. Dog has been staying at his masters side, knows something is up.
Hope all you guys are doing fine. I've a cruise coming up in a few weeks, not really sure if I should go, almost cancelled it last week, not insured.



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gottagocruzn - thank you for letting us know. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your father. (((HUGS)))


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Appreciate being kept in the loop on this. Please know your extended C@ family is here for you in prayer and spirit. (((hugs))) to you and give your father one from us also.


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Virginia, I am so sorry that your dad is so ill. I remember you joking about his spunkiness in such a loving manner. You guys are so close. I pray his days ahead are peaceful and painless. Stay strong.



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I am so sorry you are having to go thru all this but it sounds like your dad is at peace and has a very loving family and friends. You are truly blessed when you have all this.

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Prayers he is at no pain, and you are at peace with his decline, may the good times and memories sustain as you cope..and take care of yourself too..keep us updated..hugs Joanne


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I know how difficult this. My mother was at home with us when she passed from cancer. We found all of the hospice people to be wonderful; not only with caring for her needs & comfort but for helping us to let go. I remember wanting her to let go because she had suffered so much yet at the very same time I wanted her to hang on just a little longer because I wasn't ready to say good bye. Even though we knew the end was near, it still hit us really hard. My thoughts are with you during this extremly difficult time.