UPDATE: on my daughter's indecision of who to



stay with. She has had a longggggggggggg and serious discussion with her fiance and with great thought and a lot of love from mom & dad, she has decided to stay with her fiance and totally drop the other young man. I prayed to God and asked Him to help her decide who is best for her and who she loves most, I was totally floored...I honestly mean that ,that she chose her fiance, especially since we accepted whomever she would choose, but I am estactic with the decision! Last night , I was a basket case of worry, for my daughter and her decision for the rest of her life and that's a lot to put on her, but it had to be done and i think she has chosen the right one for her and without any decision making from us...that was hard for us to do too! She will be hurting for awhile I know, but we will keep her busy and help her through this. I was amazed at the reaction of Brian...what a wonderful, loving and beautiful person he is!


I'm glad that she had the talk with her fiance so that none of this would be a suprise later. I know it was hard not to help her with her decision but it's good she made it on her own.

Now sit back and enjoy the upcoming wedding!


I am glad she made the decision she did. I am sure it is the right decision, and it will all work out. She is lucky her intended is so kind and confident.


Cricket, I'm happy it worked out well for all concerned. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that her decision stands.

H2O babe

I'm sure you are feeling both relieved and yet nervous as well. I send hugs and warm wishes your way.



Who does Brian have to speak with about this situation? Did he/they go for professional counseling? Did he have second thoughts after she told him? I hope not. It's just that if I were in Brian's shoes, I'd be hesitant to marry someone who'd just told me they were in love with someone else, too. If Brian is truly OK with this, then he is a KEEPER of the highest magnitude. They don't make men like that very often.

Good luck to all of you. This was a cliff-hanging thread.