Update on my ex-husband


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He had yet another bone marrow aspiration yesterday and the results will be back tomorrow.....then we will know if he is in remission. On Monday, they extracted the stem cells from his brother and next week he will be hospitalized to go through with the transplant. They will give him what they call the "blue flu" which essentially wipes out his entire immune system. Then they give him the bone marrow/stem cells intravenously. He will then be in the hospital in isolation for a month as without any immune system...he could virtually get any kind of sickness or disease.

He will go through with the transplant whether he IS or is NOT in remission. If he is NOT in remission, his chances are less than 30% he will survive. If he is in remission, his chances are very good! But even if he is not in remission, a <30% chance is still better than his chances would be if he did not go through with the transplant.

Please keep him in your prayers. He is a very kind and giving person and has helped so many in his lifetime. Now I just home that prayers can help him.


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"I used to cry because I had no shoes ...."

Prayers winging his way.
...until I met a man who had no feet."
I will repeat myself: when I think of the things I complain about and then read something like this, I am DEEPLY ASHAMED. Be assured of continued prayers for your ex and thank you for keeping us updated. POSITIVE THOUGHTS to you all.


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Thank you so much for the update, Nita. Prayers continue that your ex- will be in remission and have a successful transplant. May God watch over him.


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Thank you Mary Ann........we'll know sometime tomorrow afternoon and I will let you all know (probably will post Friday morning) what the test results were.


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Having gone through this very recently with a close friend, I know how very difficult this is going to be for him. Being in isolation for a month is so hard, hopefully he'll have a cell phone and a lap top so he can still feel connected. Hope you can be on his short but important visiting list. Prayers he does well on his testing, and that this works for him. Hugs to you Nita, you are also in a difficult position.