Update on my ex


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He went through another round of chemo and was released from the hospital last week. Now he has to wait 28 days and have another bone marrow aspiration to see if it put him into remission.....yet again. If it did, then he will undergo another bone marrow transplant. They haven't decided yet if they will use his brother's stem cells again or get stem cells that are a match from the donor bank. I appreciate, very much, all those who are praying for him and ask that those prayers continue.

Now an update on my friend Priscilla. Her surgery for the bone graft had to be postponed because the skin graft got a yeast infection. The infection is now cleared up and she is scheduled for surgery again tomorrow. Because of the delay, we had to cancel our cruise for May. :-( I just couldn't afford to go by myself this year. I'm hoping we can schedule a cruise for later in the summer, but I don't know. Poor Priscilla has been dealing with her leg since last March. It's just been one thing after another. She is now on long term disability and plans to retire before the end of the summer. Of course she hasn't worked in months anyway and thankfully, she said she had a good retirement nest egg built up. Her neighbor has been a godsend and takes her to all her doctor appointments, to the store, etc. I unfortunately don't live close to her so I'm not able to help her much. Working during the week and then going out of town every other weekend to take care of my parents, doesn't leave me with much extra time. Please keep her, along with my ex, in your prayers.


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Darn, Nita, it's never easy for those with health problems. I am so sorry for the things they have to go through, and do wish it could be better news. Of course, prayers will continue.

My friend Angela has terminal brain cancer, and is so darn stubborn that she has lived years past the 18 months they gave her in 2005 (thank you God!). I go through these ups and downs with her on a fairly regular basis, so I know too well what you are going through. Haven't gone through a bone graft but do know the trial and tribulations of the bone marrow transplant. I still get chills thinking about it.

Hugs to you for being a good friend, I know it means so much to them.


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Nita - thank you on the update on your ex. May he continue to improve so the next steps can be taken.

I am VERY sorry to read about Priscilla. How our lives can change in an instant. Do you know how surgery went today? You certainly have your plate more than full. Please know that you, and all in your note, are in my prayers.

Glo - prayers continue for Angela.


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Priscilla's surgery went well and she is back at home. The doctors were very pleased with the surgery and expect a full recovery in time.

Unfortunately my ex is not doing so well. He is now on morphine for pain and has developed colitis from the chemo. He is also in desperate need of white blood cells since he virtually has none and can't find off infection. My daughter and son-in-law are going this morning to have white cells drawn to see if they are a match for him. I was going to go also, but found out I can't right now because you can't have taken any aspirin, Tylenol, etc. within 72 hours of donating. I take aspirin daily and took Tylenol PM yesterday because of a migraine. So it would be next week sometime before I could donate. And then the first appointment takes 90 minutes and I have mandatory meetings at work at least 3 days next week that I cannot miss. I'm prayinng that my daughter will be a match for him. His wife also can't give right now because you can't be on antibiotics and she is taking them right now for a flare up of her diverticulitis. I'm so worried about him as things are not looking good.


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Nita, I have happy to hear that Priscilla is doing so much better. It's much easier to recover at home. Hospital rest, BAH!

I am sad to read about your ex. Prayers your DD or SIL are good matches. He needs a break. Hopefully this is it.


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NiteStar - sending the best of wishes to both your ex and your friend. They are both having a rough time of it and I hope they both are better soon.