Update on my friend Angela


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Angela was due to enter hospital on Tuesday to begin prep for a blood marrow transplant. I had spoken to her a few times over the weekend, and she didn't sound well, and she didn't feel well. So I was not surprised when I got a message that she had been ordered into the hospital 1 day early!

The transplant is off for now. Seems she has a virus in her lungs and heart, and is under quarantine for her protection. Only visits from her parents and her immediate family. They have to scrub down and put on scrubs to visit her. She said she expects to be in hospital for quite a while. sigh....

So another request for prayers, please.


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Not the best of news, but we all know this is going to be a long and fairly laborous course. At least it appears that the medical side of the house is on top of things.

Prayers continue, of course ...

H2O babe

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I've been MIA for several days Glo and I'm sorry to read about your friend Angela. I will add her to my prayer list. Hugs to you as well for the good friend to her that you are!



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Such a scary time for your friend. Positive thoughts are on the way for a successful procedure that will return her to good health.