Update on my friend Priscilla and my ex-husband


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My ex had his bone marrow transplant on 8/18/11. He is doing very well thus far, but of course is still in the hospital and it will still be a few weeks before they will know if the transplant is grafting. He of course is a little bored as you can imagine, what with being in "isolation". He can have visitors, but all visitors must wear mask and gloves. And he is allowed to leave his room, but he can't leave the floor (he's on the floor that is specifically for nothing but transplant patients). I go by and see him as often as I can during the day (usually 3 times a week) and his wife works, so she goes by almost every night. They have dogs and horses that she has to take care of so sometimes she doesn't go by at night, but will stop by on her way to work the next morning.

Now to Priscilla........she is walking again! Yes...finally! And not only that ....she is driving. Her wound hasn't completely healed and she has been getting oxygen treatments in the chamber everyday for 9 days. But the wound is hopefully on it's way to being completely healed. She still has the "boot" on her foot/leg, but at least she can walk and drive now.


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That is good news all the way around! I am very happy to hear that Priscilla is doing so well. Maybe you two can get that cruise in after all!

I know what your ex is going through with the boredom. When my friend Angela goes through these events, I always try to figure out a way to help her with the boredom issues. We are both crafters, so it always involves something that she gets on a daily basis and has to put together to figure out what the whole thing is. That is, if something from outside is even allowed in. Sometimes it isn't. And sometimes she's in hospital for months at a time, so the boredom gets deep. But this transplant will be worth the boredom for him, in the long run. Prayers he keeps doing well.


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It is wonderful to sit here and read these positive stories this morning. I have been wondering how these special people were doing as well...and I am glad that they are progressing well. It may be a looooong road but if the outcome is a good one it will be a road well traveled. Keeping your ex and Priscilla in my prayers. Let them both know there a are whole bunch of us rooting for them!


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Very encouraging news for both your ex and Priscilla. I've heard that hyperbarics can be very effective in wound treatment.

Both are still in my prayers. Thanks for the updates!


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GloBug.....I would love to get a cruise in now. But I can only afford one a year and since I went ahead and went alone in May, unfortunately I can't afford another one until next May. But we have already booked on the Carnival Magic out of Galveston in May of 2012.