Update on my friend Priscilla


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Well....things were going along pretty good (so she thought). Then she found out that the screws in her leg had bent and her leg was becoming crooked. On top of that....the infection which caused the exposed tendon, had not gone away. The antiobiotics were just keeping it at bay. She went to a new orthopedist and wound care doctor here in the Medical Center as she decided the other two doctors maybe didn't know what they were doing. Okay....she has now been in the hospital two weeks, has had 3 or 4 surgeries.....and will be in the hospital at least 6 more weeks. The first few surgeries were to clean out the wound and put what she called "antiobiotic seeds" in the wound. They did this surgery a couple of times. The major surgery was done last week and they removed all the hardware from her leg and I'm not sure (or at least I don't understand it all) what they did but she has this big wire cage looking thing around her leg and then wires, etc. keeping everything in place. In 6 weeks, they will do surgery again for the bone graft. But she will probably be "out of service" for another 6 months. She is completely immobile at the moment and as you can imagine is bored and depressed. Please say a prayer for her that this will all be over in a few months; that this time it is all being done right and she will heal correctly!


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She has been through so much. Prayers are on the way that she will continue to improve and be up and around soon.


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Oh, that poor soul. Of course she'll be in my prayers. I can so relate to part of her problems. Is she immobilized at home, or will she be in the hospital all this time?


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Six more weeks in the hospital? Dear Lord, I bet she's bored! Does she have a laptop or an iPad at least? I would go nuts.

But at least she knows she's heading into recovery, slowly but surely. Prayers will of course continue.