Update on Our Son

Mrs. B

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He came home from the hospital Wednesday. Not bad for a double transplant. He as been an insulin dependant diabetic for 37 years. Blood sugars are now normal, and we can already see a differance in color of his skin because of the new kidney.
DH & I are going on a cruise 11-11 for 50th anniversary. He insists that we do not change our plans.


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Glad to hear the good news. And I agree with your son---GO ON YOUR CRUISE!! And may you have a wonderful time celebrating your 50th.
Great news and I pray he continues to get better and experience a healthier, easier life because of this proceedure. Congratulations also on 50 years, that is an amazing accomplishment. Jeanette and I are working on 16, here's hoping we one day see the half a century mark. We hope you guys have just an incredible cruise to celebrate this great milestone!