Update on Priscilla


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She went to see a plastic surgeon on Friday. She will have surgery....possibly this coming week. But I guess they can't do a skin graft on an exposed tendon (to technical for me to understand!). Anyway, they will do sort of graft and the doctor is deciding which would be best. He told her it is a serious condtion, and a few years ago, it would have meant amputation of the lower leg. After the surgery, she will have to spend time in a hyperbaric (or is that hyperbolic) chamber an hour or two each day (I can't remember which). I also can't remember how long she said that would have to go on. The only good news is that she is up to 50% weight on her leg. The wound and graft won't interfere with her weight bearing.


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Oh, poor Priscilla. Prayers and best wishes for her.

A friend of mine had to undergo hyperbaric treatments for infection (caused by a hospital error). I believe she had to have 50 or 70 treatments in the hyperbaric chamber - I know it was at least 50.

I pray that this latest series of procedures and treatments will allow Priscilla's leg to return to 100%.


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What an awful thing for Priscilla to have to go through. Prayers will continue that this works well for her and she's back on her feet very soon. Thank you for letting us know how she's doing.

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Thanks for the update Nita...I am so grateful she has the best options available..may it all just keep getting better.Prayers continue..:)..Joanne