update on RCCL Nordic Empress



A while back I asked if anyone had head the rumor about Nordic Empress being cut in half, stretched and rechristened Empress of the Seas. I talked with an RCCL rep and the answer is no, there will be no major surgery on this ship. However, there will be cosmetic surgery in May to spruce up tired public areas and dated cabin decor. Has anyone sailed Empress recently? What did you think?


Hi Sailboat,

We sailed on the Jan 31 Nordic Empress cruise and thought that the ship was in good shape. Maintenance has been good and the ship was showing only minor signs of wear and tear. The design of the Empress is not up to the Vision class, but is very well laid out and comfortable. The biggest dissapointment we found was in the show room. There are a number of posts that intrude on the sight lines and the overstuffed chairs and divans on the main floor do not lend themselves to comfortable viewing. We were seated under the balcony watching the Super Bowl game and could only see half the bottom of the screen. The CD did put on a good show built around the game with the audience participating in NFL trivia bouts during time outs and games during half time with champaign prizes etc. A good time was had by all.

All the crew were briefed on the dry dock plans for refitting about three or four weeks later. Apparently the crew was to remain aboard while the major face lift of the interior was to take place. They had a long list of items to be replaced and refurbished but the most extensive work, as I remember, was a complete makeover of the showroom and the Windjammer Cafe. The bartender was telling me that they were to inventory,remove, store and later replace all the stock and loose equipment. New funishing and carpets were also scheduled. I was on the Monarch of the Seas last year while they were working on the Windjammer, and it had benn stripped to the bulk heads, so I imagine they will be doing the same here. I expect that the now Empress of the Seas will look like a new ship when they complete the refit.



It is getting ALOT done to it and is being renamed. Here is a link with the info.


Thanks for the update and the info. I'll post to this site after our cruise---in December!!!
That should give this South Beach diet enough time to wokr its magic!