Update on the people I have asked prayers for.....


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First my granddaughter......She is walking now (without crutches) and getting better every day. She's not running yet, but it's so good to see her like her old self!

Second.....my ex-husband......his father passed away on Monday and I attended his funeral on Friday. He was 94 and ready to go. At the funeral, it was the first time I have seen my ex since he was released from the hospital following his bone marrow transplant. He still has a long way to go....but he's doing well.

Lastly, my friend Priscilla. She was released from the hospital (she had been there 6 weeks this time) and she also has a long way to go for recovery, but doing okay. She still has the "cage" around her leg because she has rods going through her leg and bone (in one side and out the other attached to the cage). That will most likely be there for several months. She can walk with her walker, but is ecstatic to be home again.


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Nita - thank you for the updates and good news all around. God bless them - may your granddaughter, ex and Priscilla continue on the road to recovery. Prayers continue for all of them.

Speaking for myself, these medical issues always remind me that there are those far worse off than I even though it has not been the best of years for me.

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Thank you for the updates.

Glad that your grand daughter is now walking without crutches.

Living to 94 -- that is wonderful.

Priscilla - glad that she is home -- what a rough road she has ahead.