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OK, some of my friends have not heard the whole story, so I am going to start from the beginnng, I AM typing on my brand new notebook, and it is hard to hit the small keys.

I had been sick wth intestinal flu for a couple weeks. I called my DR, but he was out of town and his replacement would not treat me without me going there, an hours drive. So I waited. On Wednesday, I got very ill, literally spent hours beiing ill. Then the pain staRTED, worse than labor pains. Finally I called TJ at work and asked him to come TAke me to the ER.
My kidneys had stopped working, my potassium was 7 causing my heart to beat wildly, I Had almost no blood pressure when Isat up. So they admitted me riight to ICU and put me on dyalisis. I had almost put off going until the next day. They said I would not have lived thru the day.
mY heart continued with a fib, and the intestinal distress continued. After a week, they deicded to do A colonoscopy. Also, they would put a device down my throat to shock my heart back to normal rhythym. This involved drinking a gallon of Miralax and then a series of enemas. A good way too get to know your male nurse!!!!!
They put me put for all this, but was sort of aware of things. It was horrible to say the least. When I got back to my room, the first thing I was told wass that the cardioversion worked. Then I slept for hours and hours.
Next morning the Dr came in AND STOOD at the foot of the bed AND SAID the news was all bad.
It seems it shocked alll of them, no one expected it. It seems at some time in the past I had a silent heart attack. The whole front of my heart mucscle is deAD. i have atiall valve stenosis. My heart is trying to pump bllood through a pinhole instead of a quarter. IN turn, my lungs and internal organs mare suffering from lack of oxyginated blood. My legs are still weeping copiously, that is pART OF IT ALSO.
Then they told me I am not a candidate for open heart surgery, I would not survive.
They cannot manage it with medicine for very long.
So, they are searching for a heart surgeon who will try it laparscopically. Some of the best cardiac surgeons in the nation are here at Barnes/Jewish. The elder in chARGE of mour congregation works with them, so he will be involved in the decision.
My kidneys are not quite back to normal, creatine and bun high. I am in PT. I amm of mcourse mvery weak,mbutmI managed to walk 17 feet today. Don't laugh, it was good!
I will be in room 5205 for a while, then go to a skilled nursing center until they decide what to do. i don't really have a choice, and I am scared and depressed.

Got a call from TJ this afternoon saying he whould not be ABLE TO FEED THE caTS TODay since he was rushed to the hospital last night with chest pains. Spent the night having tests and they decided it was jus ACID REFLUX. i AM AT A LOSS.


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Yikes! For you it seems it never rains but it pours!! And then for TJ to be having problems isn't helping. You are in the best place and hope that you can get the work done. And after what you have been through, 17 feet is a huge step! Keep on keeping on! Hugs and good luck.


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I just found your note, Connie. What can I say? I've heard most of this when we've spoken, but to see it in writing is more than distressing. Hey, I know from personal experience that walking even a short distance can be a great accomplishment.

Please know that you continue to be in my prayers. I hope the little cuddly kitty will help to be a comfort for you until you get to hold Simey, Maxie and Scoots in your arms.


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Connie - I am so glad to see you posting. That means that there is an improvement in your overall health, and that is a good thing. :)

I am heading out of town, leaving in 30 mins, until Sunday, I am taking my laptop but do not know if I will have internet or not. But, regardless, please be assured that you have been and will continue to be in my thoughts.

I will check back in on Sunday and I hope for even better news come then.

Take care. (((HUGS))) Corky


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Oh Connie, my heart is just breaking. I hope the Drs can come up with a solution for you. In the meantime my thougths and prayers will be with you.

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Hugs Sweet Conniecat..

and our healing prayers and get it all resolved in a GOOD way thoughts from us as well..I want you to take JOY in the accomplishments which many would consider small things and we know are ginormous..keep working with all the staff, and get things sorted out, and dealt with one system, and issue at a time, and have faith TJ is just fretting so his belly is giving him crap..:rolleyes:..what a loving son to be having shared symptoms..

we will have the laptop, and I'll be popping in to check as we can..but you'll be constant in our prayers!!..hugs.. Joanne and Mark


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So glad to see you posting. That's quite a walk after what you have been through.
Sending prayers from MN. that they can figure out what to do.

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It's no wonder that you're depressed, not knowing what decision the doctors will reach is scary.
My prayers are with you and with the doctors to make the right decisions.
Hang in there Connie, better days are sure to come your way soon.


Connie so sorry you are haviung such a bad time. Just knoiw we are all praying for you and hope you can soon be back in your own home. Good cheer AND Hugs.


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Connie, I am so sorry you are so ill. I wish I lived closer, I would help out with feeding the kitties. I hope things start improving for you very soon. I know it is going to take a while though with the depth of your problems. ((HUGS))


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Connie so happy to see you posting again but am sorry you are having so many medical issues. Hopefully all of the drs will put their heads together & come up with treatments that will help you. Wishing you a speedy recovery so you can return home to your furbabies.

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You remain in my thoughts and prayers and I hope that the new laptop can bring you some small comfort in helping you stay connected with friends here at cruise addicts.

Hugs to you,


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valve replacement


I was thinking about you and I remembered hearing about a little old nun (sorry I'm Catholic) I think she was in her 90's, but anyway. She was too frail to undergo an ordinary valve replacement. So they did one via Angiogram, similar to stent procedure.


I don't know if it would apply to you but it might be something to research and discuss with your doctors.

Take care,


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Oh Connie, I am so sorry to read all of this. But I know that are going to fight with everything you've got to get back home to the kitties who depend on you. It sounds like the docs are doing everything they can to find a viable solution......they haven't given up on you.......so don't you give up either. Stay positive and kick that depression in the butt! :bbat::hammer: You remain in my thoughts and prayers.


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connie...so glad that laptop is working for you but I am so distressed to read how really ill you have been...and still are! You're kind of between the proverbial rock and the hard place at the moment. You must do exactly what the Dr.s and nurses say and do everything you can to get better....for all of us as well as yourself...we miss you here girl! I know you are a spiritual lady and that you can gather strength and comfort from your faith now! Know you are in my prayers tonight and in all the tonights that come.

Found this little hug for you...and hope it reminds you of your furry family who I know are missing you as much (if not more) than you miss them!



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It was great speaking with you yesterday. You cetrtainly sound chipper, considering all that is going on. Keep up your spirits and follow the doctor's orders. Get well soon, Sweetie!

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OOOHHHHH, Connie, you have truly been through the mill. You have made progress, and I believe you will make much more to come. There are some great Doc's out there, and after they have done a lot of deliberations and codgitations, they will come up with a plan of action. Let it come slowly, greet each day with a positive attitude and a smile. God smiles too.