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Oh Connie, my heart, thought's & prayers' go out to you. I'm so very, very sorry that your going thru all this. But I'm also a "Believer" that the Lord will get you thru this. I'm not in your shoes, but I can "feel" the fear that your going thru, thru your message. Connie, I will be praying hard for you, I've been a recepiant of many "miracles" in my life so I know that they do happen, so I will be praying that one happens in your life! Your "furbabies" are being taken care of, and TJ will be okay. In the meantime, keep yourself company by being on the C@-Board and please keep us up-dated on your prognosis.


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Connie! I have been off of the boards but when I read today all you have been through I knew I had to write and tell you to hang in there! I have all my thoughts and prayers going out to you and your doctors that they find something to help you regain your health! I also wish I lived nearby as I would be happy to feed your kitties!

I have had those colonoscopy/endoscopy tests so many times and I know how pleasant they can be. I hope you are past those tests my friend. :D

I will keep checking back and hope that there are better days ahead.