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Hi All,
I’m checking in to bring ya up to date on the latest. I got discharged from the Horsepistol Wednesday a week back with a PICC line in place to administer my own Antibiotics, and since then have been feeling better and getting more energy YEAH! I had follow up visits with both my Urologist, and Infectious Disease Doctors this week, and still have a mild UTI that another week on the IV meds should clear. As of now surgery is scheduled for the 29th of March, which will still keep us in the running for our upcoming cruise late April.
I want to thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. They have given me great comfort, and I hope to be up and chasing those OLIVES around real soon.
Mal D.


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Hiya BFAM! ! ! Glad to hear an update. I was thinking of you this morning and this was my first stop on the board. Was happy to see you are making progress.

Now its time to quit goofing off and get all better! :doubleup: :doubleup:

Hugs to you and SILFAM. . . . .


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OK, Mal - there's been enough horsing around. Eat some soused olives to give you strength and fully clear up that UTI so you can have your surgery, as scheduled, on the new date.

Seriously - BIG HUGS. Get well quickly!


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Glad to hear things are moving in the right direction. Keep up the good work so you will be able to enjoy that cruise in April.


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:doubleup:Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery Mal and we will continue those good throughts and prayers!


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:clap: Sooo glad things are going well. This will all be over soon, just a distant memory. (probably bad olives....)