Updates on Ashley and my niece's husband


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It's been a little bit so I thought I would give you an update.

Ashley had the stitches taken out of her hand last week and everyday her hand is getting stronger and stronger. She still has a lot of pain with the index finger but we believe it happens because that is the tendon that was over the top of the bone they removed. She still has to watch what she does with it, not over use it or she pays the price late at night or the next morning but she is doing well. I want to thank you all for your prayers during her surgery.

My niece's husband Gary could still really use your prayers. The cancer has spread to his spine. He is not able to walk at this time, they are trying oral chemo meds that they are hoping will shrink the tumors a bit. They told him he has 3-6 months left. How awful it must be to get handed news like that. My heart is breaking for my niece, for Gary and for my niece's children that grew to love him like a father. My sister called tonight and said the home health nurse suggested they might want to just give in and turn all the care over to hospice but Gary is a tough old boy and still wants to try to fight it. I told my sister they should let it be his call but to try to make him as comfortable as possible. Right now he is in a lot of pain and the morphine is not taking care of his pain. Hopefully home health will be able to get it under control. Please continue to pray for them. Pray for Gary that if God is willing he can still battle this cancer and if not that God will give him painfree days and a peaceful passing. Say a few for my niece that she will be strong enough to get thru the days ahead being his caregiver and if he passes that she will stay on the better path that Gary put her on after they began a relationship. And say a prayer for his mother and sister. No mother should ever have to bury a child. My heart just breaks for all of them.


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Prayers go out to Gary & his family that he is able to get through this tough time. And hope Ashley is soon able to get full use back in her hand.



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So sorry to hear about your niece's husband. I do hope that someone can do something to help with the pain. I feel for your niece & the pain she is going thru watching her husband go thru this. My mother suffered with her pancreatic cancer but hospice came in & offered comfort to her as well as to me & they kept me informed of what to expect day by day.


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This is such sad news about Gary. I am truly sorry to hear this Whim. Prayers that his family can find the strength they need to get through this. Of course, prayers that Gary is as pain free as possible.