Updates on Pucci and his Mom


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When Pucci had an ultrasound about 4 months ago, a rather significant stone was found in a kidney. The Specialist said we should re-check in about 6 months. Since I have cruises coming up in April and June, I wanted to have Pucci checked sooner than that, especially since one of his pancreatic enzymes was slightly elevated this week. The ultrasound was done this afternoon, with me looking on, of course. The stone is still there - hasn't changed, and ALL his "insides" looked healthy, especially for a dog his age. Mommy was relieved and gave a big sigh of relief. Pucci just lay there like a little angel - perhaps he thought he was getting a tummy rub. :whistle:

As for me....well...&$*#!!! My bad (right) knee was aspirated on Monday (no infection found), and for the first time in 3+ years, there was no pain while it was still numbed by the Lidocaine. Of course, the anesthetic does wear off. :( The Radiologist did say that bleeding and/or infection could occur. Yesterday afternoon, my leg began to get sore, redden and ACHE as did my right ankle. I recognized a full-blown infection. :madd::madd: I didn't want to start an antibiotic before my Primary Physician saw it, but I did have to take a pain killer at bedtime. I got absolutely no sleep during the night. I called my Doctor, who told me to come in right away, which I did. He checked me out and told me to start the antibiotic immediately. I'm to keep my leg elevated for now. I see my Orthopedic Surgeon on Friday. I'm just waiting to hear once again that there's nothing wrong with the knee! :hammer::hammer::hammer:

Thank all of you for your concern.


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First - thank goodness Pucci is ok. I am so glad that the stone hasn't grown.

Now, for you, For Heavens Sakes!!! I am sorry you are having to go through all of this and I wish I could be there to help you. (((HUGS)))


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Good news on Pucci. Not happy to hear of this latest complication with your knee. Hoping you can get this infection under control quickly and the chancre mechanics can get to the bottom of what's causing the problem .....


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Now why in the world didn't you tell me that yesterday????? I would have pushed you to get something done right then instead of waiting!!! I will be more than happy to loan Joey to you so he can bite the doctor, and could easily persuade him to bite multiple doctors if necessary. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this, and please don't hesitate to get IV antibiotics if it doesn't start to heal quickly. Just in case, I called to have you added to our prayer ministry, so you should receive some benefit from God being bombarded with get well prayers. Keep us posted!


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Mary Ann - Relieved to hear that Pucci is doing so well but unhappy to hear about your infection and pain! I hope that the antibiotic kicks in and that the infection clears quickly.

Sending scritches and hugs as well - wish I was there so I could help you and hope you have some friends dropping by so you can rest your knee.



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Thank you so much. I appreciate your kind words.

This is now the second infection in about 6 weeks in my right leg (first one was from a scratch!!!!!). The antibiotics kicked in pretty quickly, so I'm hoping the same will be true this time - though the infection is worse. But the antiobiotic dose is higher now, too. If things deteriorate, I can assure you my Doctor (Primary) will have me back in his office in a flash.

Yes - this is annoying, but there are many with worse issues. I sincerely appreciate the prayers and good wishes.

Needless to say, I'm relieved about Pucci.



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I'm relieved abut Pucci also. Kiefer and I have been wondering how that stone was doing.

Gees, Mama D, you just don't get a break with this knee. For all of the wonders of medicine, the human body still has many variables. Have you ever considered acupuncture? I hope that you find some relief somehow. You deserve to enjoy your cruises, and your life, more than you do now.


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Glad to hear that Pucci is doing good but sorry about your knee. Hope it heals & you have smooth sailing for your upcoming cruises.


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Great news for the little gentleman but oh my...his poor Mama! I'm sending prayers that those antibiotics do their job in "jig time" but if they don't hie thee back to the physician ASAP !! Hugs for you and special skritches for Pucci!


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Again, thank all of you for your kind comments. I'm indeed relieved about little Pucci.

I don't believe this round of leg infection is associated with the knee aspiration, but merely coincidental. I would just like to see the knee problem resolved and quit hearing that there's no problem. But then, I always think of you, Kathy, and your DH.

Glo - no, I haven't considered acupuncture. I really don't think it would address what I feel in the knee.

Earl - you'll be in my prayers on Friday.


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Beryl - thank you. Yes, I'm delighted about little Pucci.

This is my second round of infection in the same leg. You can bet I'll be back in the doctor's if it doesn't start improving by Friday morning, giving the antibiotics time to start doing their work.

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Pleased to hear Pucci is doing well, no major problems (thank goodness). I know it's a relief for you.

I just hope that the doctors can find the problem with your knee. If there is pain, there is a problem, it's just a matter of finding what is causing it. Do they know what causing the infections? I hope and pray that they can get to the root of it, and get it fixed. (((hugs)))


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Great news about Pucci but the knee is another story. Please if there is not marked improvement in 48 hours or if it gets worse go immediately to the Doctor as it can get very serious very fast.

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Glad my nephew is A-Ok. ShipMaven, as for your knee, hope the antibiotics kick in soon. As for the doctors, well, insert a Italian word here. :hammer:

Big Guy sends his meows to both of you.


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Don't be too quick to discount the accupuncture ...
Yup, there's a reason it's been used for over 8000 years...

My GF has terminal brain cancer, and issues with her bones. She gets acupuncture on a regular basis, and it's amazing to see the spring in her step (Without her cane!!!) for a while after the acupuncture.


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Mary Ann, I am so sorry you are having to go thru so much with your knee. I hope you get some answers and they get you all fixed up soon. Glad Pucci is doing well.