Updates on Pucci and his Mom


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Once again, I thank everybody for your kindness, concern and suggestions.

I don't know if the Ortho Surgeon knew that I was coming in fuming like a dragon (I didn't show it), but she immediately disarmed me by asking me first thing how Pucci was doing. Then I asked her about her 14 year-old cat that's been on kitty dialysis for years...and we got off on a good foot (or paw?). There IS nothing that can be done (yes, I need to lose weight). Surgery to remove the patella will make matters much worse for me. The patella is fragmented from the fracture, and there's dead bone. It is what it is. She prescribed Lidocaine patches - I filled the prescription and will try one on Sunday. Three specialists, independent of the other, have all said the same thing - no surgery. Live with it.

Both she and my Primary Physician, whom I also saw again today, told me I need to keep my leg elevated until the infection disappears, so I will follow orders.

Again, thank you.


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Oh, Shipmaven. I am sorry to hear there is nothing to do but to treat the symptoms. Hopefully, once the anti-biotics kick in, and with the lidocain patches, you'll at least feel better. Many (((HUGS))) to you. :smile: