Upgrade Chances?



I posted this on the community board, but will add here in case any of you NCL experts don't make it there too often:

When making our final booking for Hawaii in August, my TA convinced me to book a suite gurantee. She said we had a good chance of being upgraded since we had booked early, and they are a "preferred" agent for NCL.

We've used this agent many times, and trust her, but what are your upgrade experiences on NCL or otherwise? I have always wanted one of the aft suites, but I know we will be happy with the mini-suite if that is what we end up with. Just curious if you would just spring for the extra $ up front to know you were getting the aft suite?

We usually book the lowest category outside cabin, but don't see this as a typical vacation, and have done our savings to go - maybe I'm just looking for someone to convince me to book the aft suite?

Don Clark

I believe there is no rhyme or reason for upgrades with NCL. It really depends on how well the classification of cabins above yours are selling whether you get one or not. It's been my experience, the cheapest and most expensive cabins sell out first. The aft facing cabins are among the first to sell out. Good luck.