Reserved a Cat 7 on Mercury for January sailing to Mexico. Received docs today and now in a Cat 2A. I don't know how or why and I ain't askin!! Has this ever happened to anyone else. This is our 4th Celebrity cruise and it's never happened to us before. I'm not complaining :)


Was it a specific cabin you reserved...or a "guaranty"...
I am expecting my Caribbean cruise to be upgraded because I booked a "2C Guaranty" and all of the 2C cabins seem to be long ago booked...seems they should have no choice but to bump me up to at least a CC...hopefully better...

Last time I booked a guaranty rate, I got bumped up several categories...

But, fo my Europe trip this summer, I'm booked into a specific cabin as no "guaranty" rates were offerred...I would LOVE to have that one magically upgraded...but I'm not counting on it...

Outside of gambling on a guaranty rate, I've never been upgraded...

Mary Elizabeth

bazin: that's great! I envy you. I've cruised Celebrity 11 times and have booked cruise #12 and 13 with them, and have been upgraded only once and that was because we sailed a few weeks after 9/11 and they were giving cruises away then. It's the luck of the draw I guess.

We are cruising to the Mexican Riviera on 2/7/05. Write back and tell me what it was like.