Upgrading to suite at port



Heck......we have an inside cabin next time........we have had everything from an inside to an owners suite.....we are fortunate to be able to afford cruising and if someone wants to try a suite at a deal, why not?? It doesnt faze me in the least.....
Thanks, could I ask your source for these prices? FOr some reasons I don't really buy these upgrade prices per cabin. The inside cabin to RS supplement seems too miniscule (I mean $1500, that's like 10% of the list price of a Royal Suite.) If these prices are accurate, this means a serious dilution of the premium cabins!!!

[quote PH8]These are prices for a 7 day cruise......

Inside to Royal Suite (RS) $1,500
Inside to Suite $1,000
Inside to Balcony $600
Inside to Outside $300
Inside to Inside $100

Outside to RS $1,200
Outside to Suite $700
Outside to Balcony $300
Outside to Outside $100

Balcony to RS $1,000
Balcony to Suite $400
Balcony to Balcony $100

Suite to RS $800
Suite to Suite $400.

Do you have the prices for a twelve day cruise?