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Suesan Jean

I am sure I will have MANY, MANY questions about cruising, the Norwegian Dawn, etc.... before our cruise next year on April 17th, but let me start with one. I have been reading on some of the postings, about people being offered "Upgrades" . When, How and Why are people offered upgrades? Have any of you "Cruise Addicts" taken up the upgrade offer? Does your travel agent offer it to you or does NCL?
Thank you, anyone who answers my question. This really is such a great web site, I enjoy all the postings.

Suesan Jean


We were upgraded from a mini-suite to an AD Penthouse on the Sun for its repositioning cruise 4/27/04. My TA called me to say that NCL had telephoned her to see whether we would be interested in upgrading. We were! We paid an extra $100 each.

Suesan Jean

Thank you very much for replying. I hope we get offered an upgrade, that sure would be nice!!!


There are many different ways to get upgrades, but for us the secret has been to do several things;

1. Keep a good relationship with your travel agent. Let your agent know that you are interested in an upgrade and ask their assistance in helping you get one.

2. Contact your agent on a regular basis, every few weeks and check on any possible upgrades.

3. Contact the upgrade desk at the cruiseline and inquire about upgrades.

4. Book your cruise early, as cheaper cabins sell quicker and cruise lines tend to upgrade the earlier bookings to keep the cheaper cabins open for new bookings.

5. Book your cruise dates during the "shoulder" times, between the winter and summer high seasons. Late spring, fall cruises have fewer bookings because fewer families travel during those times.

Our greatest payoff was to get an upgrade to Owner's Suite on the NCL Wind three years ago for $100 per person over our initial $650 rate for a category D cabin.

Hope this information helps you.


I also had a question on how you can upgrade. We are going on the Dawn in OCT. and we are GTY on a catagory J. They told us that we could only get a better upgrade. Does anyone know how that works? I'm alittle nervous since this is the first time I booked a GTY room, all other times we were assigned a cabin #. Please help!! Thanks in advance.

Janell & Tammy
Leaving 10-3-04......on the DAWN


Back in 2001, we booked the NCL Majesty to Bermuda in early May for a sailing on 9/23 and by June, even before final payment, we received cabin assignment. Make sure to check your on-line guest registration often to find out.

Just booked again the Majesty to Bermuda (within 17 days of sailing) under a guarantee oceanview cat. HH and 5 minutes after settling everything down (final payment was required), there was a cabin cat. CC (superior oceanview) assigned to us.


hello all,

i booked a GUAR cabin and was assigned one at the back of the ship. i heard those cabins tend to be noiser.

is it possible to upgrade? and how would go about upgrading a cabin?

thanks in advance!


hhjr888 -
Well I straightened my cabin situation out. Maybe you could call them and ask if there are and other cabins in the middle of the ship in the same catagory you can switch to. The worst they can say is there are none. Or, you can see how much more it will cost you to upgrade to the next cheapest catagory. Sometimes its worth it, just remember to ask where the cabin is situated on the ship. Hope this helps. Have a great trip! When are you sailing?