Upper bed



O.k. I know this is a dumb question.

There may be 3 of us going on our cruise, instead of just two. It's my nature to say that I will take the upper bed. I have severe knee problems but get around quite well. No one else feels the pain..hehe. Is it easy getting on and off the upper bed..and is it as good as the lower beds? The 3rd person in an elderly person...and I feel like the elderly have earned the right of first choice. I just don't want to volunteer to do something I won't be able to follow through with.

Thanks, Pam


What ship are you on? Some of the NCL ships use a sofa hide-a-bed for the extra bed. I have two knee replacements and I would never think of getting into one of those upper bunks. Maybe you should check with your TA.



It is not easy getting up and down on the upper bed. The ladder is very narrow and if you have the two beds below there is not much space to navigate between the beds. It is ok for a kid or a young person who is very agile. Besides that, having three adults sharing one small cabin, makes for very close quarters. You don't have any privacy for getting dressed.


I know on the DAWN we had 4 people in an INSIDE cabin. It was tight, but great. There are hide-away beds under the other beds, if I were you I would call NCL and let them know that you will need a hade-away bed due to your knee condition. They're pretty good about things like that. Just remember to do it right away! :eek:) HOPE THIS HELPS!

Janell & Tammy

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