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Urgent! I think I might have a problem!!!

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by DJD, May 12, 2003.

  1. DJD

    DJD Guest

    I am getting married this weekend and my fiance and I are going on a cruise for the honeymoon. I have our reservation under my name and my fiance's soon to be name. After reading the last post it seems like I made a mistake by not putting her maiden name down on the reservation. Her birth certificate and driver's licenses both have her maiden name on them. I have heard that the name on the reservatoin must match the forms of identification EXACTLY. Will we be able to get away with having her birth certificate, driver's licenses, and our marriage certificate? Or is this going to be a problem? Please please please help!
  2. Taters

    Taters Guest


    I think that you'd do best to get a hold of your TA and change your fiance's reservation into her maiden name. The passenger manufest has to be turned into the authorities 3 days prior to departure, so the name that your new wife has on all of her IDs is the name that needs to be on the reservation. Docs can be changed at the pier IF your TA has called and made the change. Please let us know how this turns out!

  3. DJD

    DJD Guest

    Thanks for the reply. I just called NCL and they said that as long as I bring the marriage certificate along that it shouldn't be a problem. Talk about relief!!!! I was really worried there for a while!
  4. PEB

    PEB Guest

    Seeing you will have just gotten married you should have your marriage license with you so everything should be fine.

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.
  5. joebat1

    joebat1 Guest

    Congratulations.... & I Hope you have a WONDERFUL HONEYMOON CRUISE ~~!!~~

    It sounds as if you are good to good on the ID for you and your new wife. Just bring her marriage certificate...to prove the last minute change of names...
  6. Lisa63

    Lisa63 Guest

    Check with your wedding officiant to make sure that you will actually receive a marriage certificate right after your wedding. It's been a long time since I got married, and this probably varies from state to state, but I recall that our certificate had to be filed with the state immediately and we received the official copy in the mail a few weeks later. We did bring along a copy of the marriage LICENSE, which essentially showed that we applied to get married, but the CERTIFICATE is the official document. As you still have a bit of time, please check, or get your fiance's name changed back to her maiden name on the travel docs.

    I hope I haven't worried you unnecessarily. Please let us know how it turns out.

    Most of all, congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

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