Vancouver .. Aerial Photo to find your way around


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Its a pretty big download so take care. Once it opens and settles you can manipulate it with the arrows and thingys and if you click on the camera icons you get views from different angles.

I would think the pics were taken in the fall 2009.

First opens on scene of Science World (left from Expo 86 (big framed Globe) Big stadium is BC place and the smaller for Hockey GM Place. Go right and follow the Skytrain tracks and just past the Green Area you will see the Old Fashion Train Station and indeed that's where Amtrak still comes in and is the bus depot also.
Behind Gm Place to the North to the right of the Tower looking building is Canada Place. It looks like a white line on the water. If you zoom you can see the sails behind the buildings.
If you follow the road up to the water from infront of the train station the second row of Cranes to the right would be Ballantyne Pier, but for 2010 it is not in use anyways. Enjoy.


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No if only those crazy canadiens could have gotten it up at the opening ceremonies i might have more respect....but they didn't so i don't. Although Kudos for getting a gold medal in a sport on home soild though!! Must not be alot going on in canada these days when 1 gold medal makes a crowd go insane like that.. What no quebbecois chanting cesession? No presidential gaffs to mull over?? no stanley cup to fight over?? .... LOL.. must really be a slow year for canadien news...

Just kidding Bob, the olympic village looks fabulous, and all the venues i've seen look very clean and appealing. You guys have done an amazing job planning this years olympic games. Canadiens should be very proud of themselves pulling it off so fantastically