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vancouver--buying soda before i board

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by antron, May 2, 2005.

  1. antron

    antron Guest

    hi too all.

    i will be needing to pick up some soda PEPSI COLA, before i get on the ship. i will be staying at the vancouver marriot 3 blocks from canadian place the night before i sail. does anyone know are there quick or gift shops near by that has pepsi? i will also be on a tour that goes to granville market the morning of the cruise. maybe i can pick some up there? sorry , i cant do coke that they have onboard. any help is appriciated.
  2. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Hi anton

    not sure about right at Canada Place for pepsi but they do have some soda's check there first. (Might be inside the secure area though) so I would recommend that you pick some up on your tour if you can. Granville Island really doesn't have a "Pop"type shop but you might get lucky. Maybe your bus/vehicle could stop at a 7/ll or gas filling station food Market they would be your best bets after a full size grocery store of course. Failing that when you get back if you walk to the corner directly ahead of you when you come out of Canada Place and go left down the street a block and a half is the start of a Mall on your right hand side. Liquor store is in the basement. I do not recall anything down your Hotel way .
  3. antron

    antron Guest


    thanks for the help. you have really helped me. i know it is silly to be worried about finding soda but i just cant go the whole week with coka cola and need my pepsi. besides i want to save some money by taking it on myself. i will check out the places you have mentioned . thanks again. have great cruises in your future.
  4. Erinm

    Erinm Guest

    Granville market does have little places that you can get pop, but you'll pay up the nose for it. You are best to get it at the hotel gift shop or at a convenience store.
  5. roberta2

    roberta2 Guest

    I didn't think you could buy soft drinks and take them on board?? Only wine and champagne??
  6. antron

    antron Guest


    yes, you can take soda. we found a 7/11 about 3 blocks from the hotel and took on a 12 pack of diet pepsi. so we had our soda on the ship. our steward kept up supplied with ice so they would be cold for us. so, take soda if you want and save a ton of money.
  7. roberta2

    roberta2 Guest

    Neat - now if I can only get some Rum on board - I'd have it made!! Thanks for the tip. Oh and can we really take on a bottle of wine or champagne per person on board??
  8. gothicreader

    gothicreader Guest

    "Oh and can we really take on a bottle of wine or champagne per person on board??"

    I'm packing a bottle of wine, so long as you don't take it in the dinning area where they will charge you $10 (at least the ship we are boarding) as a corking fee.

    Not sure if there is a limit.

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