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vancouver downtown - what to do ?



My cruise lands early morning in Vancouver and I fly out of vancouver in the evening. Wondering how should I spend my day in Vancouver. I was thinking of putting my luggage in the locker at the port (Canada Place) and spend my day in downtown area. We are a family with kids. Any suggestions ?


If you have time to do Grouse Mountain tour.It was awsome.Some ships offer after cruise tours and then drop you at the airport.


walk around china or gas town. easy walking distance from the dock and fun to wander around in.


We didn't have time to do anything in Vancouver because we went straight from the airport to the pier to sail Northbound, but Gastown looked like a pretty cool place to spend some time. Lots of shops and other things to see. It is located right where the pier is located.


As everyone has said there is lot's todo right from Canada Place. (There is storage just outside the Security zone.) Trolley tours leave from the street right in front also. Stanley park's not far. "Storeyum" (think I got that right) is a new Tourist attraction just around the coner a few blocks in Gastown. History of the Province and all that stuff if you are into that. 70 min production pretty good I'm informed. (not free though by any stretch lol.) Granville Island will have lots of stuff happening plus the market and restaurants it's a cab ride away and a little ferry. (Tell the cab you want to go by boat.oe he'll take you all the way) enjoy...