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Vancouver Hotel

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by Miss Honey, Jul 17, 2005.

  1. Miss Honey

    Miss Honey Guest

    We booked The Princess Diamond next May leaving out of Vancouver. We know nothing about Vancouver, where to stay, what to see. Any suggestions on different areas and hotels. Any help would be appreciated. Miss Honey
  2. Frank Black

    Frank Black Guest

    I have been to Vancouver 5 or 6 times. Three were cruises and I am going on the Radiance on July 30th. I have been to the Hyatt Regency 4 times and the Waterfront Centre twice. This time I am trying Sutton Place. The Hyatt and Sutton are in a good downtown location. The Waterfront Center is on the Harbor across from the Pan Pacific. The Hyatt is very nice, but the Waterfront Centre had nicer rooms. We paid for a fabulous corner room with wall to wall windows. Even the bathroom had a huge window.
  3. Miss Honey

    Miss Honey Guest

    We will be arriving the day before our cruise, I imagine in the afternoon. We probaly won't have much time to do much, probaly just dinner and walk around some. Thanks for the info. Miss Honey
  4. cck0000

    cck0000 Guest

    We stayed at the Fairmont Waterfront. It was lovely.
  5. BarbaraK

    BarbaraK Guest

  6. ColDoc

    ColDoc Guest

    We stayed at the Ramada Downtown on W. Pender Street.

    If you are only going to want a place to sleep and get ready for the next day's embarkation, you can't beat the price here. Yes, it's not fashionably located by Canada Place, I wouldn't vetnure outside after 2:00 am but it is safe, cozy and comfortable. It reminds you of a small European mid-price hotel. It's a 10-minute walk to Canada Place. The weather was so good the day we left and the day we returned we pulled our luggage to and from Canada Place and didn't bother witha taxi. Of course we only had a suitcase and one carry-on apiece. Yes we did get a view stares as we trundled down Pender Street but who cares for saving $100/night.

  7. Miss Honey

    Miss Honey Guest

    What is around the waterfront to do as far dining , shops, nice bars? What is around Robson St.
    What is around Pender St. I think this is the first vacation, that I know nothing about the area.
    Miss Honey
  8. BarbaraK

    BarbaraK Guest

  9. Miss Honey

    Miss Honey Guest

    thank you I will check this out. I found a good Vancouver web-site.
    miss honey
  10. Frank Black

    Frank Black Guest

    Robson has lots of shops, bars and places to eat. Gastown is fun and has places to eat. Right next to the harbor area.
  11. Miss Honey

    Miss Honey Guest

    Is this Robson area near the port? Miss Honey
  12. Frank Black

    Frank Black Guest

    Vancouver is really a very easy town to get around. It's basically in a grid pattern. The center of the city is a 10- 15 minute walk (about 8 blocks) to the harbor area and the Pan Pacific ( Canada Place) and the SeaBus (ferry) building. It's a bit easier going to the harbor than back. ( A slight hill coming back,)

    I have enclosed a map for you. The center of town with major hotels. restaurants, hotels etc is approximately bounded by Burrard to Homer and Robson to Dunsmore. I hope this helps. I will be at the Sutton Place Hotel on July 28th.

    You also should check out the SkyTrain system. It's an "unmanned" people mover system. Their is a station right at the Hyatt Regency hotel (downtown) and another on the weaterfront. Check it out below.


  13. Miss Honey

    Miss Honey Guest

    Thanks so much for all of this info., I really appreciate it. I am going to study this map. Miss Honey

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