Vancouver nightmare..



Recently returned on a RC cruise and land tour. The Vancouver Airport experience was really something I wish to forget and NEVER experience again!! Firstly, I was nearly tackled trying to get a porter for our luggage. Very POOR communication skills and the unorderly rush for baggage. NOT needed..but then there were lines and passports needed a few times in the same building!! I mean..gee, is there a REAl reason for that?? The worst was flying Air Canada and their carry on luggage restrictions which was NOT at all communicated to us before we got to the desk. (The cruise line RC..who made flight arrangements made NO mention of all of it which I believe was VERY important!!) To say the least, the attitude and policy really was poor and the extra cost almost $200 was even worse. I will never fly AC again ever!! And Vancouver Airport?? A nightmare to be prepared for.


I think Vancouver airport is one of the easiest and nicest around. When ever i fly with a airline i always check to see what there luggage limit is. Our Canadian airlines have a much tighter carry on restriction. Not like flying in the U.S. where you can just about bring on your life's possessions!!!! Sometimes when i'm flying in the states, i fear that if any of those overhead doors opened that someone would be seriously hurt!!!

Also as for having to show your passport and ID several times is because of 9/11
I think that if you travel in other aiports in the states that it can be worse. I was in San Fran and LA and there were army with guns. That was a few yrs ago, but sitll unnerving to see.
Hope you try vancouver again


Sure would like to hear more about your problems.

Keep in mind that the carry on for almost ALL airlines is ALMOST the same.

Frequent travelors have learned that you should pack such that you COULD carry/transport all your own luggage if you have to. Porters are becoming less and less of the norm in traveling.

Tell us more.


Air Canada ..mmmmmmmmm. first time I have seen them mentioned on this board as being used for Cruise Air. Welcome to "Our" airline. They are in bankrupt protection and for good reason. You may have experienced some of them. I have yet to experience any of your YVR airport problems when leaving or returning to the International side of the airport. But on a crowded day I guess anythings possible. Purhaps you were just feeling the "Joys" of being on foreign soil. Sounds a lot like what I have found when travelling outside my country.


A friend of mine came through Vancouer two weeks ago, connecting to an Air Canada flight there, and had no problems at all.


We've had big problems leaving Vancouver airport after 2 cruises. Both times since all the unloaded passengers arrived at the airport at basically the same time the lines were horrendous.

We had to wait at the Alaska air checkin desk, US customs, airport tax kiosk (even though we prepaid), another US customs (not sure why), bag drop off area, security. This took over 2 hours just to get to the gate.

And to top it off, on our 2nd visit there was a breach at the security area after we'd boarded the plane and had to disembark (along with every other plane) and go through security again. This took another 4 hours and needless to say we missed our connection (in Seattle) and had to spend the night there and get home a day late.

These of course aren't direct problems with the airport itself but a combination of 9/11 security and overcrowding from ship arrivals. But the headache is the same. : ^ (


With the exception of two things, NOTHING has changed since 9/11 to make us safer. Just make us crazier. Can ANYBODY point to anything other than the two items below that makes us safer?

A - We have changed the policy regarding hijackers and no longer let them do what the want.


B - we have reinforced the cockpit door and open them to NOBODY

All the rest is window dressing and would or can not prevent another 9.11.