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Vancouver to Banff

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by Jeana, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Jeana

    Jeana Guest

    We are interested in doing a land trip from Vancouver to Banff and on to Calgary after our AK cruise. If anyone has done this trip, any info would be very much appreciated. (Like, how do you go about it?)
  2. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    Have you considered renting a car? In my opinion the most scenic route across BC is HWY 3...JMHO and besides, it is the route to get to my place :grin !

    Highlights of the trip would include the drive through Manning Provincial Park http://www.britishcolumbia.com/parks/?id=142 , the orchards between Keremeos and Osoyoos...you might take a side trip to Penticton and or Kelowna as well, the drive up Anarchist Mountain, the Salmo/Creston drive through the mountains, the Rail Museum in Cranbrook and the nearby heritage town of Fort Steele http://www.britishcolumbia.com/regions/towns/?townID=3495 . In Cranbrook change to HWY 93/95 and go north to Fairmont Hot Springs and Radium Hot Springs. After driving through Radium Hot Springs you will take the interesting and beautiful drive through Kootenay National Park and Banff National Park.....you might want to also take the short detour so you can visit Lake Louise. From Banff it is a reasonably short drive through the foothills of the Rockies to Calgary. It's an exciting journey with breathtaking views around nearly every curve.
  3. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Beryl has hit some pretty good highlites that's for sure.. but there is another route lol. Check hwy#5 and #1 to the North and middle of the Province. Toss up on things to see :)

    You might want to consider the "Rocky Mountaineer" rail tour, Have a look at their site.


    Also there are one way motor home rentals at several firms if you are interested.
    <http://www.cruisecanada.com/> is one

    Several cruise line offer tours also you might want to check that option.
  4. Jeana

    Jeana Guest

    Thank you! Great ideas - just wish I had a month to travel all around there! I Will give all this serious thought and consideration. If there are any other ideas, keep 'em coming! :thumb

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