Vancouver to Skagway HELP???


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Hi Addicts and Leaders

Hope you all had a great holiday. I was away for a while. Off to Reno and Atlantic City.

I hope some one can help me with this problem that is getting bigger as time gets closer to cruise. Any ideas would be most welcomed. Do you know how to get to Skagway from Vancouver ? We want to go on the White Pass Railroad and our ship does not stop there. We can arrive in Vancouver a few days before our cruise date and hopefully go and return in time for our cruise.

Thanks for any ideas you may have on this.

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There is a highway that goes into Skagway from Canada but I have no idea how long it would take to drive. We have been on the road when we went on a Yukon tour in Canada from Skagway and they will have a stop at the boarder. Check out one of the road map web sites and I am sure you will find the way.


I don't think the White Pass Railroad is worth the effort. Many other things are present that you could better spend the money on.


By road you are talking most of a week just to get up there from Vancouver. Not sure on air flts. at all. sorry.


Hi - I think you have a big problem - unless of course you have big monies to spend! You can fly from Vancouver to Whitehorse and drive to Skagway. The drive to Skagway would take about 3 hours one way - or maybe longer b/c there is spectacular scenery.

Otherwise, you might consider taking a flight from Juneau if you stop there to Skagway and do your tour. I would think that this would be expensive too.

Last option, change your cruise plans or rebook for next time and make sure Skagway is included on your itinerary.